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  1. How can people compare battalion 1944 always with call of duty 2, THIS GAME HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TOGETHER. (Ok sorry, only the setting is ww2 but thats all) - The movment is completely different compared to cod2 - You can sprint in b44, you can't in cod2 - Weapons behave are completely different compared to cod2 - Cod2 doesen't have any eco system. Just 1 scope, 1 sg and 4 normal weapons (kar98, mp44, mp40, gewehr43 for example) +one nade for every weapon and one smoke for sg. - in cod2 you can autoclimb things It's more like a cod4 (because you can literally jump on everything and there are many random things everywhere on the maps) mixed with Csgo Economy.... For my own i like the game but i'm not sure if they really get such a success like csgo. cheers cake PS: Sorry for my english but i think everyone understand what i have written here.
  2. CoD2 Fragmovies

  3. cake cake cake cake cake

    Brah, you mean cod 2 players
  4. Which maps do you want?

    Toujane, Burgundy, Dawnville and my favorite Carentan, would be sick to see them in b44
  5. Yoooo my name isn't in use, so i dont have to take some shit name. Here u can find everything about me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/siryouracunt/ Ps: Hello to everyone u will see me a lot ingame + a lot of other cod2 heros. Cheers cake