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  1. I think it's extremely racist and unacceptable in this politically correct age that we have a ww2 game only featuring rap music in the trailer. I demand that Chinese wandering hermits are represented in the next trailer as they represent about 0.02% of the gaming community. And can we also have a few transexual nazis with rainbow arm bands? We need to represent everyone.. lets not just stop at rap music here. Everyone MUST be represented.
  2. I just asked my grandfather who was a DDAY +1 veteran what WW2 was about. Instantly I could see his eyes starting to water as he sat me down and took a deep breath. "Well son.. It was about killing Germans who were all SS soldiers and wore red armbands without Swastikas because they didn't want to offend anyone all as we fought each other as a Kanye West sounding rapper sang songs featuring lyrics like "BLACK AND PROUD" on loud speakers." I kinda figured that already from COD and Battlefield 1 where political correctness comes first over history. I'm confident if Oompa Loompas represented 5% of the gaming community they would have a nazi dressed up like Willy Wanka and have a chocolate factory map. Please stop screwing up history and just give us a realistic game like Rising Storm series.. PS Here's whats going to happen.. 1-2 people are going to post how I'm racist because I think rap music does not belong in a ww2 game. Some 17 year old on a power trip whose a moderator will lock this thread and ban me only to see me spring up again when I reveal I'm behind a proxy and have an email generator(aw gosh darn did I just give it away.) Hopefully though instead someone can explain to me why the music choice "black and proud" was featured of a darn ww2 game.. Signed - A pissed off historian.