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  1. Enkei

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    I can see it now! Thanks a lot guys!!
  2. Enkei

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    I believe you man.. i just have no clue why i cant see them 😂...
  3. Enkei

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    There is no option for Battalion 1944. Thanks for searching anyway!!
  4. Enkei

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    I know this website but is this from the devs themself or just someone who started a service to host dedicated servers?? Because when it is the second option than probably you have to wait till 1 feb.
  5. Hello everyone! Bramm told in his twitch stream that is was possible to preorder a dedicated server today but i cant find any new info bout this. Maybe a dev or someone cpuld give me/others a little more information about it. Thanks a lot.
  6. Enkei

    Scope and nades

    I really love the game and i could talk hours about what i love in the game. So this is not a cry thread! I just wondering why they made the scope so steady and dont implement breathing and hold breath while aiming.. that is something what i miss the most. Something that i also like to see ingame is that u can activate a nade before throwing. I really hope we will see that in further developement.
  7. Enkei

    Beta january 20 to 22 question

    Yes you need a key because it is closed beta. They will send out a lot of keys today.
  8. Got my key 45 minutes ago!
  9. Enkei

    The Twitter game

    pm, here on the forum??
  10. Enkei

    The Twitter game

    pff.. i want to play this game sooo hard that i am obsessed with it.. i am almost doing nothing else then checking out the forums in my free time. The thing about ''the twitter game'' is that people that dont use twitter are pretty much fucked to get a chance to try it out.. maybe we are lucky and they do a giveaway in the forums.. and some people are getting another chance to try it out before BETA or EA.
  11. Enkei

    The Twitter game

    i was at work at 17:55... fuck my life -_____-
  12. Enkei

    Any CoD UO players out there?

    Rifle only harbor.. i'am all in! Love the good old UO days..
  13. Enkei

    Which maps do you want?

    I really would love to see a mp_harbor remake from coduo! (Not that one from the uo mappack) that was some serious rifle only back in the days
  14. Enkei


    I did notice that in the trailer.. thanks anyway! I waa just wondering if i did miss something or some side notes about it
  15. Enkei

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Thx guys for the warm welcome!