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  1. Beta january 20 to 22 question

    Yes you need a key because it is closed beta. They will send out a lot of keys today.
  2. The Twitter game

    pm, here on the forum??
  3. The Twitter game

    pff.. i want to play this game sooo hard that i am obsessed with it.. i am almost doing nothing else then checking out the forums in my free time. The thing about ''the twitter game'' is that people that dont use twitter are pretty much fucked to get a chance to try it out.. maybe we are lucky and they do a giveaway in the forums.. and some people are getting another chance to try it out before BETA or EA.
  4. The Twitter game

    i was at work at 17:55... fuck my life -_____-
  5. Any CoD UO players out there?

    Rifle only harbor.. i'am all in! Love the good old UO days..
  6. Which maps do you want?

    I really would love to see a mp_harbor remake from coduo! (Not that one from the uo mappack) that was some serious rifle only back in the days
  7. Maps

    I did notice that in the trailer.. thanks anyway! I waa just wondering if i did miss something or some side notes about it
  8. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Thx guys for the warm welcome!
  9. Maps

    I have read somewhere that in EA there wil be 9 maps available. i was wondering what are the name of the maps and whrre there are located in real life. I also dont know if there are any infos out yet.. i am sorry if i open another thread from something that was asked several times before me.
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hey y'all!! I am Enkei living in the netherlands but originaly from germany. Back in the days i love to play coduo and i found out about this game back when it was on kickstarter. I'am following the forums for quit a while yet but never registered an account.. Love how the community is growing and what the devs have created here.. really something special. Maybe i am lucky and get a beta key and if not we will see each other 1st. Feb this year! Greetings to all you! Enkei