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    aspect ratio

    When can I play 16:10 with a res of 1280x1024? CSGO, Quake Live, COD4 Promod I played with that res and aspect ratio, anything else feels alien to me. I need that stretch with black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Will there be an option for aspect ratio anytime?
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    Thanks guys.
  3. wiZZ


    Thanks! Hope the game is amazing. I really wanna play a new game where I am starting off new and fresh like everyone else.
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    Played Cod2/Cod4 Pam4 on TWL and Promod on TWL ages ago. Played some TWL with BF2 back in the day, Quake Live pre and post steam, once Cod4 Promod died off I went into CSGO, then dabbed into some Rust and Hurtworld, back to CSGO, quit CSGO recently to get back into Quake Live and prepare for fast paced action games and wait for this game. I'm 33 years old, a man from Victoria BC Canada looking to get into this game and get back into my roots of fast paced action, none of that slow shit.