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  1. I have some ROUTING problems and WTFAST help me to FIX it and low my PING, the problem is when i launch the game through WTFAST it dowsn't load the EasyAnticheat, so the game don't let me play and just press EXIT, is some way to can play through WTFAST, maybe in the "Launcher Parameters": i should put something there? Any help is welcome.
  2. And everyone happy, it's a win/win.
  3. Really no SA servers for try the BETA? And the worst, is the comment of this Dev.: Thanks Bramm You need to release servers in the region first! if you want SA players be interested in your game, no one will play a FPS with 200ms. Learn from Battlerite Devs. servers in almost every region since the BETA.
  4. Importat thing to know before spending money on it, nothing fun on playing with 200ms on NA servers. thx.