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    Hello I am Gaara Some of the CoD1 Rifle only Community might remember me. - On CoD1 I was in some of the best clans (rifle only), im sure most if not all who remember me would agree with this statement. - On CS:GO I hit a maximum of Supreme in my first 300hours of playing the game (but could tell the game was never really for me, as I never learned smokes and all that jazz). - On Overwatch I hit top500 in Season 1, but wasn't quite able to get it again after, but came close again a few times - On PUBG i've hit a maximum of top10 on the leaderboards (duo's), however I feel like that isn't quite that hard (just play alot during one season) I hope I can carry some of this shooter experience over to Battalion-1944, and i'll be sure to try to get the highest rank and hopefully play with some of my old cod1 buddies ! Ciao !