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  1. dpolar

    Timeline on update?

    Next patch is planned to be released in July.
  2. dpolar

    Forum HTTPS

    Is the SSL coming with the july update too?
  3. so Hell Let Loose?
  4. dpolar

    Input lag and Engine Version

    Battalion has some problems, unusual high or uncommon input lag isn't one of them though. So if that is your concern, buy it. What ever input lag you experienced in UT, the source for it wasn't the same you linked. The thing that got fixed in UE 4.19 is only a real issue for games running on fixed 30 (and kinda 60) Hz/FPS like fighting games. And if you'd have read the sources you've provided yourself, it even states it there ;). Battalion is a game that you run, in the best case, on either the 200 FPS cap or on ~142 with active gsync. The lag you experienced was probably something like enabled prerendered frames, r.oneFrameThreadLag on 1 or you running the game in windowed mode with DWM active for example. If you still want to know which UE version Battalion is running on right now: 4.17. But again, doesn't make much difference input lag wise.
  5. dpolar

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    Invision is fully responsive and kinda works okay in the mobile browser of your choice too. An app alternative would be Tapatalk. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quoord.tapatalkpro.activity https://itunes.apple.com/app/tapatalk-200-000-forums/id307880732?mt=8
  6. dpolar


    No way, don't even think about it.
  7. There are South America servers already. Besides that, there are also community servers, so you can also host your own.
  8. He does something called VT (Vertical Total) Tweaking to reduce something called crosstalk, which is an effect of double-images which you get when you use blur reduction on monitors. On BenQ (ZOWIE) monitors you can tweak those values manually and get like the REALLY best out of your monitor. If you wanna look deeper into that, check out blurbusters.com. No need to google, that's like the high-end monitor afficionado site number 1. I'd argue though if you really need it. Especially in this community where I see so many people that want to go pro and play big LANs where you won't have any of that, you might even have to play on "only" 144 Hz. @won't you get worse strobe crosstalk on 240 hz? so if 180 hz is your maximum with VT tweaking... that's your maximum anyway? Or would you dump the vt tweaks for 40 more FPS?
  9. dpolar


    +1 for it. But I guess it's coming, question is only when. There are already console commands for brightness & gamma, they both didn't work in the beta though. Maybe they'll be in use tomorrow already, then you could set it with "Settings.Gamma" and "Settings.Brightness" in the console, even if it shouldn't be in the menu.
  10. dpolar

    Dedicated servers support

    He meant it is uncertain if you can could've ran/could run the windows server under linux via Wine. But yeah, since yesterday it's confirmed: Dedicated Linux AND Windows server will be available tomorrow, February 1st.
  11. The 200 fps cap is engine related and I wouldn't expect it anytime too soon to be higher than that. Launch option / Ingame option isn't needed if your monitor runs native on that refresh rate and you run Windows on the same Hz you want to run the game on. You only need this if you're running windows on 60 hz and can overclock your monitor on lower resolutions to a higher refresh rate and want to use that ingame for example. Or if you use for what ever reason a lower refresh rate on windows and want a higher one ingame. No idea how the unreal engine handles those though. Work around would be to up the Hz / lower the resolution for every play session. I think there are little helper tools out there that can help you with profiles for that though.
  12. dpolar

    Mouse Acceleration?

    Yeah there is, you can turn it on and there is a value for the amount of accel. No offset value though.
  13. dpolar

    Card system on community servers

    Yeah you can.
  14. dpolar

    release early acces

    6pm (18:00) in your time zone.
  15. They are in there, just on one of the last pages. Right now under Early Access -> Coming Soon on Page 13. And on Upcomming overall (same as coming soon without EA filter) on page 42. I'd guess it's on purpose, don't know the reason behind it though. If they'd add a real date (and time) for the release and not "Early Access Launch 1st Feb 2018" they would be closer to the first page. Problem is, there are so many "January release" or January, 31th releases, they'd probably be never on page 1 of coming soon until Feb, 1st. Reason may be something similar to why there is no pre-order (though can you even set EA titles for pre-order anymore?), to get Top Selling / Grossing title for the launch as long as possible. Or they just didn't care, because they wouldn't be on page 1 anyway until the 1st and then they'll have to add the exact launch time anyway and will be there.