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  1. CoD2 Fragmovies

    Saw some Tek9 deaths. Those were the german pro clan right? I remember only H2K was better than them (on clanbase that is). Nice vids
  2. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    Headshot/bodyshot = instant kill. The rest isn't, regardless of distance. Snipers are a problem in most multiplayer games but it mostly requires hardcore skill to rush with a sniper and kill multiple players doing so. Miss your first shot and you're as good as dead. I don't think tweaking a sniper to be less effective close range is the right way to go, I honestly don't even know how that would work out.
  3. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Or this during the beta, yes, I'm pretty sure it's easily disabled if it turns out to be horrible
  4. Damn nostalgia

    Can't wait to try it but sadly I won't be able to at 19 January
  5. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Only allow leaning while standing still and you're good to go ?
  6. Which maps do you want?

    Please Carentan, Toujane & Decoy from COD2
  7. Damn nostalgia

    Hello guys! Once a friend of mine tagged on me on facebook in one of Battalion's video's I was hyped as hell. I've been trying to find a game like this ever since COD2 died. I tried COD4, COD WW2, Battlefield 1 but none of these even came close to what I experienced during COD2. I am so excited to try this game and get that old feeling again from when I was 17. Played COD2 for over 5000 hours if I'm correctly. Mostly using Xfire in the meanwhile. Used to play very competitive on Clanbase, the old gaming website which got disbanded in 2013 due to upcoming pro events and in game competitions. Can't wait to try this masterpiece without the stupid perks and killstreaks!