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  1. seaanf

    Need help: Want to make COD2 Maps

    Battalion uses Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). I have not used it extensively, however there is a lot of documentation, tutorials, videos etc. and it does seems fairly easy to get started. Also im not sure if battalions assets are available to use now although EA is out, there are mod tools being released in the future. That being said there are quite a few WW2 ones floating around google.
  2. Thanks. yeah I started looking into pcpartpicker and logical increments. Seems like some pre-builts are cheaper too due to the whole mining craze.
  3. Yeah I realize the monitor may cap it but will be looking to add a new one as my primary. the price of a 1070 atm is too much at the moment , it may even continue to rise unfortunately. I'm a bit unsure of the Mobo/PSU they seem like basic components ? I will also have to take into consideration warranty on used parts.
  4. Hi guys, After trying Beta, ive convinced myself to get a new / used pc - my laptop is ~6years old and no good for gaming anymore. As the GPU prices are skewed because of crypto mining I think i'll probably go used. I havn't built a system since c2d processes were out so im abit out of the loop but after doing a little research on this pc it seems like a reasonable price to me, was wondering if some of you guys could confirm or maybe suggest otherwise. Im looking to get >100fps stable on Battalian (I have yet to experience > 60fps in my life so this is my goal for the pc). I understand the monitor that comes with it may limit it 75fps, but will look to be using this as a secondary monitor once I save up for a 144hz monitor. (or should i ditch the included monitor as it an additional £50.00?) With monitor = £600/ €680.53 / $834.00 Excluding monitor = £550/ €623.82 / $765.00 Specifications: Thanks,
  5. seaanf

    PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Support

    AFAIK you can use any mk/b, as long as the developers allow it within the controller options. You only need a converter if they do not; to emulate a controller using a kb+m ( this is an option i do not think is fair.)
  6. seaanf

    Opportunity to play at events?

    I've read somewhere that they were going to insomnia.
  7. seaanf

    PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Support

    Sorry to bump this, but I was wondering if there was any word from the DEV or anyone in the know about this? I know Fornite uses UE4 and has an option for KB/M on PS4. This would allow some players with PS4 / no money for a new PC to be able to play the game as intended.
  8. seaanf

    Custom games?

    Steam / Early access trailer says February 1st.
  9. seaanf

    Is there a Mapoverview?

    The manor house one is actually a heat map from player activity : http://battaliongame.com/news/alpha-01-recap-alpha-02-information
  10. seaanf

    Is there a Mapoverview?

    They're all on the news releases found on the steam news page and on the BAT1944 website.
  11. seaanf

    Is there a Mapoverview?

    Coastal Derailed There is also Manor House, but I couldn't find a detailed one.
  12. seaanf

    Which maps do you want?

    I'm interested in the new coastal map that was previewed, looks like a hybrid between strike and carentan. I love all the old ones too but why not create some new ones. I'm surprised a Blitz era London map hasn't been created, or town/city maps using inspiration from the battle of Aachen, Ramelle etc.
  13. seaanf

    Splitscreen on Consoles

    Will split screen be available on consoles? I wouldn't mind buying this twice, one for PC and one for PS4 if so.
  14. seaanf

    Tek 9 Cinema Frag movies / Plays

    I've heard they're adding playback of games similar to demos, like you mentioned - it was more community involvement and the marketing / showcasing of BAT1944's s players base, skills and editors, making it more attractive to those who enjoy spectating.