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  1. Previously known as 4GRANTED/Devious Gaming. With the unfortunate event of rEb1rth- having too much time and opportunities on his hands, and m4DARAA too little, we are on the prowl for 2 new players. We'd like to play an average of 3 days per week, this may vary between 2-4 from time to time though. We keep track of eachothers availability in an online schedule and through a WhatsApp group. Lineup: SMG/rifle/heavy: zmajo - Dutch, 25 years old Scope*: ROBBERd - Dutch, 21 years old rifle/heavy: timb - Dutch, 26 years old *ROBBERd is willing to drop scope for anyone better than him. What we expect of you: (LAN experience and top tier experience in any game is a pre) - 18+ - You are preferably Dutch. While this is not necessary, you will get a trial before others. - Have a somewhat flexible schedule. - LANable everywhere and able to pay everything on your own costs. (We all have cars though, so we could drive you around if that's needed.) - You are responsible for your own growth and dedication. Be willing to teach yourself whatever is necessary to keep up. - Take critism at a reasonable level and don't get too personal. - Weird sense of humour and be prepared to get sworn at. Contact details: Twitter: https://twitter.com/zmajoFPS Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rylbld/ Discord: mau #5208 Achievements we have accomplished and LANs we have attented TOGETHER in a total of 7 years: Battalion1944 online: 2018 | Acces to 'top tier' channel 2018 | EU Shellshock Sunday #2 - 5-8th | Devious Gaming 2018 | ShellShock Sunday #5 - 1st | 4GRANTED CoD4 online: 2012 | Cybergamer Main League (tier 2) | Team-eNigma 2011 | Call of Duty Invite (tier 1) | Team-eNigma 2011 | Cybergamer Amateur League - 1st | Team-eNigma CoD4 offline: NL | JoinedForces 2016 NL | The Reality XII NL | The Reality XIII NL | The Reality XIV NL | The Reality XV NL | The Reality XVI NL | The Party 10 NL | The Party 12 NL | The Party 13 NL | Identity LAN BE | Frag o' Matic 14.0 BE | Frag o' Matic 14.1 UK | epic.NINE CZ | District Prague New Hope 2 HU | ICL43 CS:GO offline: NL | JoinedForces 2016 NL | The Reality XVII NL | The Party 15 BE | SugarLAN v11.0
  2. mau

    Few things worth considering

    This is pretty spot on
  3. mau

    Idea for some sort of an Eco-System

    Interesting idea but if you have 1/2 people playing default, which is needed at the moment to not lose all your cards at once, it will be way harder for the enemy team to put you in an 'eco' state.
  4. mau

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I don't think the mp40 and Thompson are too strong. They're fine up close, just like the smg on CoD4 if you let the smg get close (you don't check the cross, you don't nade properly etc.). They're absolutely shit on long range even on a target standing still, a good balance imo.
  5. mau


    Good to see another cod4 player back. Good luck!
  6. mau


    Good luck Ricardo
  7. mau

    Strat mode

    Is there a written summary of his Q&A that you know of?
  8. mau

    Strat mode

    Sorry if asked before, couldn't really find it. Will there be any strat mode like cod2/cod4 promod and even csgo where you can go into an empty server and see where your smoke and nades wil land?
  9. mau

    Competitive map picker

    I have been playing Coastal like 8 times in a row, not sure if it was intentional but sure hope it'll change.
  10. mau

    Kar98k vs Kar98s

    Afaik it is the same but with a scope on it, so there shouldn't be any differences.