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  1. pink kamui<3

    Battalion 1944 future.

    Haters will say its fake Has science gone too far? JK but this game has real flaws and the blind fanboys have done nothing but convince the devs of their own "superiority" RIP PC FPS
  2. pink kamui<3

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Cod2 weapons with cod4 movement 😔 Game is getting better for sure but this botched early release is a set back for sure
  3. pink kamui<3

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

  4. Love being mindlessly downvoted without anyone actually arguing against any of my points. People who are blindly supporting whatever shit the devs put out are doing a disservice to the game and the community as a whole. Good things about the game -The sound has improved significantly and now I feel confident in my ability to determine where somebody is by the sound of their footsteps -Besides the smg and the shotty, the weapons are well designed and balanced BAD THINGS -Lean is broken without question. You can be holding an angle another person can see the whole side of your body while you cannot see them at all. -Moving around in the game is ass and isn't fun. It's looks and feels clunky and is more of a chore than anything -The netcode is straight garbage and half the time you're dying behind walls and shit when everyone in the server only has 50-80 ping. This is some shit you see in other games if your ping is much higher than that (100+)
  5. so we comp matchmaking with -bad movement -bad optimization -lean that is broken -poor netcode -shotty that is horribly inconsistent at times -overpowered smgs -questionable maps gg
  6. pink kamui<3

    Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    map design aside the lean is fucked so other people see you before you can see them. the netcode is also very poor and the movement is straight booty so the best option is jumping around corners. in promod if someone was going to jump around the corner i was able to move fast enough to position myself to counter it. in this game everyone moves so slow (BRING BACK THE OLD MOVEMENT!) you just get merked
  7. pink kamui<3

    OTT Jumping

    this game doesn't even play as well as promod. movement is straight ass and people jump way more than anything because the netcode is buttcheeks and lean doesn't even work
  8. took our money than said fuck us lets make the game however we want it to be jk but when is LEAN and netcode gonna be fixed
  9. broken lean, broken smgs and shotty, glitched nade indicator, bad movement(bring back the OLDDDDDDD movement), bad netcode
  10. pink kamui<3

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    Lean is currently broken in this game. Peeking things slowly is not in your favor. Bring back the old movement, fix lean and netcode, and fix the weapons and this game will be amazing !!1!1!1!1
  11. One of my teammates reflected on how the movement felt so much better in early alpha compared to now and we couldn't figure out why. Bring back the old movement!!
  12. pink kamui<3

    Improvement for picking guns off the ground

    1 way toggle crouch needs to come back!!! It's so annoying when I accidentally hit c twice and hit space and jump
  13. pink kamui<3

    Jumping ironsights

    Jumping with iron sights should be in the game but you shouldn't be able to shoot accurately with a sniper while strafe jumping and aiming in. You should have to wait until you hit the floor, like it is in cod2 and cod4