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  1. dr_nikif0r0s

    Battalion 1944 it’s my WW2 game

    hahahahahahahahaha!!! "The sound of the weapons, the uniforms, the maps." these things you said will be 1000 times better in bf V than bt1944. So, maybe you dont like trailer of bf (me neither) but you cant say that funny statements. Of course studios have big power and resourses differences. Bt1944 would like to become good comp ww2 skined game, no with graphics - sounds - maps but with old school movement and etc staff.
  2. dr_nikif0r0s

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    Dont play with words. They fucked up and keep going to be ironic in their post here. Also they start to talk about changes when count is around 200-300 players. Last month everything was at the right way but yesterday suddenly they announce that everything of core game will be change. The point is that they dont give any clue about progress and kind of changes. You said that they listened our feedback but none knows if changes are near to our feedback. It is good for you to have hope but dont be blind.
  3. dr_nikif0r0s

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    They keep saying they know what they are doing but at the same time they give a list and everything will be change.
  4. dr_nikif0r0s


    You are working for bt only for lan visual? Playerbase it is important for EA i think for tests, but in 2-3 months 100players/daily pick would not be good enough. that is right? Also, you have huge number of disappointment people for basic things such as core mechanics, jumping everywhere etc but dev team and social manager say/post/streaming nothing? Do you believe that everythings it is ok? Everyone said about after 9months but then you have to facing with 60+% negatives opinions in steam. And all these for what reason? there is none who can take responsibility and respond to us? I dont care about fans opinions who believe that everything it is right and you are gods. I want to see devs responsibility. Can you?
  5. dr_nikif0r0s

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Only Santa can make that game succesfull
  6. dr_nikif0r0s


    @johnoboro you cannot see that something is going wrong with this game? You still believe that everything it is ok and over 90% has gone because they are stupid or no cod players or something else? You have to be foolish if you believe that everyone in here is daft. We have play many perfect games from others tiny studios so that it is not excuse at all.
  7. dr_nikif0r0s

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    For 95% of players who has stop the game you are absolutely right but for that 5% include dev team you are wrong and the problem is that they have not advertise the game. All these problems are not really problems and there are correct core mechanics of this game. At the very end i expected social guy start to write something in here for all these stuff and make conversation about problems, but maybe he is unproffesional too or can not to write any because everythings it is ok.
  8. dr_nikif0r0s


    Wait mods for what purpose? If the core game is not good at many points and unplayble of most of players who has try it why create mods of skins - maps - weapons to make a entire different game? Decent players you write? Not for sure... Wait 2 week more.. and see that decent number be <100 and then, perhaps you will realise that many things are wrong..
  9. dr_nikif0r0s

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    New week maybe a new record for daily pick players!!! None want to play a game with mechanics which has design for a small number of players and The problem is not the marketing or advertising (if they advertise this game maybe they have no future at all). Mechanics - bunny jumping - movement - ttk - economy has to change to make this game just good. Maybe all that was good for 2007. For 2018 it is rediculus. Numbers speak guys.
  10. dr_nikif0r0s

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Not at all. I do not like that kind of poor bunny jumping game for sure. But i m curious about dev team attitude and that is what i think about their statement. I can not believe that they are blind at all.
  11. dr_nikif0r0s

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Maybe for dev team that numbers 300-500 per day it is fine for next 8-9 months until full realise of game and can do their changes with that player base. For that reason i believe that they do not have interest to give us (here-reddit etc) answers. Unprofessional for sure, but they are new and they will learn.
  12. dr_nikif0r0s

    Lil Joe

    I dont speak about bugs, but core game mechanics which are not good as devs and you believes. In this world this is not exsuse at all. None expected glorius graphics or complexity mechanisms. devs wants something which is 10years old and they do not have done very good job. 1month and only 9% of day one players keep playing. Funny of that situation is that you believe that after 8th 3 everyone will return because the only problem is server bugs.
  13. dr_nikif0r0s

    Lil Joe

    Maybe Adze is very cutting with his standpoints but these thoughts are very common for everyone now. So i believe that it would be nice if dev team give some answers and they do not keep that salty conversation with no sense at all. Questions are very clear and if brammertron has the time to answer nothing like closed thread, also has the time to give us answers.
  14. dr_nikif0r0s

    Game's Dead guys..

    Anything about how new players of this gamestyle will enjoy this game? Not everyone loved or played as burned person cod, so even all bugs will be fixed and also balance between guns atc take place, if new players not feels enjoyable the playerbase not be in good position never. Daily number discrise is from new gamers who try to play vs players who do all this "fantastic skillfull" things like jump+proneshoting etc and of course after 1-2 rounds fun has gone and game uninstalled.
  15. dr_nikif0r0s

    Game's Dead guys..

    If the game has not fresh ideas, must follow old pro tactics to be semi-good (strafejump+prone etc), even the largest playerbase cannot save it. after 20 days and play only 10% of first day. this number is from members who used to play cod a lot and they followed by 10 years ago nostalgia. None of a new gamers who has not nostalgia of cod have any stimulus for play bt. Motivation to keep playing this game if you are not good enough already from before is unreality.