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  1. I can't connect either here in US West. All I get is constant searching...allocating...searching...allocating. Over and over and over. Beta was fine. Pretty sad.
  2. Game doesn`t launch

    Is it possible your antivirus is blocking the game files? Try adding the game folder as "safe."
  3. Cheaters??

    Someone posted a video of a wallhack already, so they do exist. Hopefully, since there's a huge level of support going in, they'll be handled by the DEVs.
  4. leaderboard questions

    Good point. I'm not sure I've seen a speed increase with more than one person. It would be nice to know if that's true.
  5. leaderboard questions

    As an add-on... Anyone know whether or not you get points for capturing a flag in Domination? And if yes, how many?
  6. Anticheat guys

    Is there a way to get info from all the private servers out there back to the central system to get them banned globally?
  7. leaderboard questions

    In some other FPS games, the final leaderboard shows the individual number of flags captured in CTF and DOM. Is that something that could be added? Or is it not that important in the style the DEVs are trying for?
  8. Now this is what I wanted to see!

    It will continue to destroy COD:WWII as long as it doesn't become the hackfest that COD became. I know there are some built-in safeguards, and I hope they hold up.
  9. Early Access

    Technically, the game isn't going to be "formally" released until next year. So tomorrow, will be Early Access, at a lower price, since the game isn't finished yet.
  10. What antivirus

    Norton. Years ago it got a bad rap because it was a resource hog. It isn't any longer, and it's always rated very highly.
  11. GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    Unfortunately, no one knows when they're being released.
  12. Battalion Wallpaper

    There was a request by someone in Discord to make this 1920x1080 in case anyone wants it.
  13. GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    Do some shopping for prices on cards. The recent crypto mining has pushed demand and prices up, unfortunately.
  14. I've seen that kickstarter supporters might get something to recognize their early involvement.