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  1. Djoka

    Game's Dead guys..

    i wait for ttk increase, weapon skill and not a reflex hardcore game. i play but i will be full time player when this update come. i think need to wait mod, not sure dev want this.
  2. +1comagnum like i said in my post, its more a reflex game than a skilled game. unscope too easy, recoil too low, thompson/mp40 overpower. a pro need to compense recoil, here its too easy with ads but if they do that, kar and snipe need a huge nerf. how balance, i don't know. you explain that better than me, cause of my english.
  3. mhh ok seems to be a "pro" bf player (like pro sony or pro xbox not like a pro player).
  4. Djoka

    training ue4

    what is this bsp map?
  5. Djoka

    Any casual mappers/modders out there?

    i looking for carentan but need to restart ue4 and wait for dev info. im starting for basic bsp and wait but need to relearn basic a lot of time on 3dsmax and two years without ue4 arff.
  6. Djoka


    i wan't to start an outline with unreal engine but which version use you? i think if this just an outline i haven't problem to start with another one but later if you use recent version with new content my map will not be compatible? thx a lot.
  7. Djoka

    will there be "hardcore" version?

    im ok with that, maybe hit box problem
  8. Djoka

    will there be "hardcore" version?

    My fear when I looked video was that the snipe and kar going to be useless with little recoil which I saw on the heavy and other one and nevertheless it is not the case On cod 1 and cod 2 automatic with an enormous recoil and nevertheless a kar and the snipe was good. How to explain this dilemma, for me its easy to use.
  9. Djoka

    will there be "hardcore" version?

    i think aim the target its very easy, more than cod 1 or cod2 its like a snap on crosshair. i never take snipe on cod 1 or cod 2 because i was noob with and in battalion im sure i can make a fragmovie. unscope quickscope etc. . a good fragmovie with 1 week end reserved for pro player with a snipe.
  10. Djoka

    will there be "hardcore" version?

    rifle are fine but easy to use and i think same problem with other weapon.
  11. Djoka

    my opinion

    To begin, it is going to be hard to write a novel with my bad English, I apologize in advance. I read many thing on the general balance, I think that before working the wartide it is necessary re-balance weapons and not to put of looser card as I was able to read. Weapon have to be balance between the snipe and the default class, their damages seem to me good even if I think that after revision default will be nerf. Let’s start: -SNIPE > - damage OK, this is a snipe need to be powerfull 1 bullet/1 death - use needs to be harder I think has to forbid the reload by aiming (already said by BRAM on twitch) - Must be harder while aim by jumping. -unscope need to be harder. -RIFLE > M1 -little more recoil - Must be harder while aim by jumping. - unscope need to be harder. >KAR -1 bullet tors/head OK - Must be harder while aim by jumping. - unscope need to be harder. HEAVY> -1 bullet head OK -more recoil -damage need a test with higher recoil before tweak THOM/MP40 -not more recoil but faster recoil - Can be less damage SHOTGUN -need to be powerfull shot 2-3 meters and gradually useless DEFAULT -Seem good even if I think has a nerf after this list for the moment is more a reflex fps than skilled fps.but i love it anyway. this my vision, i respect dev vision. thx for this game .see you in game.
  12. Djoka

    Custom games?

    server start feb 1 with early access. Other can confirme?
  13. Djoka

    Which maps do you want?

    i have litlle basic experience with 3dsmax and unreal engine i think i try to create a map. resume interesting map carentan, burgundy, tigertown, neuville, backlot, crossifre less interest for 3d design in toujane and brecourt.
  14. Djoka

    studio or modder job

    are we able to fly, infinite nade,etc.for training that was cool. COD MEMORIES. thx