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  1. I am an Xbox One Kickstart Backer and was wondering if there was any update for the console version? All I have seen is PC updates. Maybe I have been looking in the wrong area,  but I am just looking for some sort of grasp on timing. Any information helps, thanks. 

    1. Dark


      For now they're focussing on PC version. Alpha and beta will be on PC.
      Once the game enters Early access they will work on finishing touches before putting it all over into console versions.

      Expected Early access arrival is Q1 2018. No date announced yet. But I think you can expect console versions coming arround Q2/Q3 2018 (at earliest) 

    2. Grots12


      Thanks for the update. I meant to write you sooner, but lost track of time. Do you know if I can edit my mailing address for when they do send the game out? I am moving out in April and will have a new address.