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  1. "Proved" Players & Clans

    what are the 4 downvotes for? strange...
  2. Battalion Server Hosting

    @yageru thank u
  3. hi guys, does anyone knows when it will be possible to rent a gameserver (by a provider)? in earlyaccess or later when the game is finished? may the dev's can write a quick answer thanks
  4. Tek 9 Cinema Frag movies / Plays

    Dude I like your idea! Back in CoD:MW it was a big feature to upload a single game replay file (no video file, a game related file, wich kan be replayed by a tool) in esport leagues. It helps to get a cheater caught (on the long run). Definitly a must have feature!
  5. "Proved" Players & Clans

    Hope so too ^^
  6. "Proved" Players & Clans

    Well..ok. understand your way you think about. More hackers = more sold keys and a CSGO like system would it make a little harder to cheat. But i dont understand whats the issue to bound key and id. (Id details shouldnt be public.) What you fear? Because of safety? Cmon rly?
  7. "Proved" Players & Clans

    i found an explanation: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2235-QYCN-3295 may its a "light prove". but not like a id-card would be even better.
  8. "Proved" Players & Clans

    How does the prime system in csgo work?
  9. "Proved" Players & Clans

    hi guys, we knew that it will be some kind of advanced rank system für players and clans in b44. my thought was the additional option to "prove" a player profile with id-card. so that a gamekey will be bound to an id (real name, adress aso.) i hope that will cause that the rate of cheaters reduce some more. because of the risk: once you have caught your id is banned too. maybe for a long period like 1 year or more? what u think?
  10. Sign up for Closed beta access

    @merlin: that would be a shame. i hope the most of the guys who singed for closed beta know what to expect^^
  11. Sign up for Closed beta access

    @firefly: i was thinking the same. i am using different emails. so how should know the dev's whos shares more in social media an who not? i think that cant be serious^^
  12. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    Number 12 Only a few knows: I was born in 1944
  13. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Thanks guys and nice to hear that a lean funktion will be in battalion 1944 I dont know why the most of u guys say that this funktion will cause a issue with campers. In my opinion it will cause an improvement for players who likes to rush => to dance around bullets, i did