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  1. frylich

    Should I cap FPS with stable 150 or stable200?

    May your ram is to small or other parts like mainboard or hhd (instead of ssd) are a bottleneck. Try a benchmark. Hard 2 say^^ Check this: http://thebottlenecker.com
  2. frylich

    Should I cap FPS with stable 150 or stable200?

    Hard to say withot knowing any details of your pc. Depends on the following: cpu&gpu (max stable fps?, nvidia or ati?), display (60/144hz?, freesync/gsync?)
  3. frylich

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    I'm using the forum on my mobile right now and its fine. No bugs, good to use. Did i miss something?
  4. frylich


    Yes John^^ exactly
  5. frylich

    120Hz and more

    Im already playing with 144hz g-sync display. Works fine
  6. frylich

    Server Full

    Same here. Any idea how to get wartide running with more than 10 players? Increasing max players setting in game.ini isnt fixing it.
  7. frylich

    Pre order dedicadet server.

    Sounds like a trap to get all ur preorder money ^^ The pice per player is much to high anyway. 0.50cent would be normal.
  8. frylich

    "Proved" Players & Clans

    what are the 4 downvotes for? strange...
  9. frylich

    Battalion Server Hosting

    @yageru thank u
  10. hi guys, does anyone knows when it will be possible to rent a gameserver (by a provider)? in earlyaccess or later when the game is finished? may the dev's can write a quick answer thanks
  11. frylich

    Tek 9 Cinema Frag movies / Plays

    Dude I like your idea! Back in CoD:MW it was a big feature to upload a single game replay file (no video file, a game related file, wich kan be replayed by a tool) in esport leagues. It helps to get a cheater caught (on the long run). Definitly a must have feature!
  12. frylich

    "Proved" Players & Clans

    Hope so too ^^
  13. frylich

    "Proved" Players & Clans

    Well..ok. understand your way you think about. More hackers = more sold keys and a CSGO like system would it make a little harder to cheat. But i dont understand whats the issue to bound key and id. (Id details shouldnt be public.) What you fear? Because of safety? Cmon rly?
  14. frylich

    "Proved" Players & Clans

    i found an explanation: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2235-QYCN-3295 may its a "light prove". but not like a id-card would be even better.