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  1. Anders

    same old crap

    Thanks Bazza will check that out.
  2. Anders

    same old crap

    Bazza, does your clan except noobs or only pro, hardcore gamers etc
  3. Anders

    Which maps do you want?

    Anzio from day of defeat
  4. Anders

    Rate the beta (1-10)

    8/10, really enjoyed it, can only get better as EA goes on. Roll on the 1st Feb Had that few times, CTF ending in a draw lol
  5. That is an impressive trailer, really on the hype train now :0
  6. Anders

    Sign up for Closed beta access

    In for a penny in for pound, looking forward to this either way.
  7. Anders

    CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    I see, assume it took out all the perks and scopes and things like that etc, I played COD's mostly on console only FPS i have played on PC was DOD and DODs
  8. Anders

    CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    could anyone tell me what promod even means\is......... Seen it alot this joining the forum
  9. Hi all, noticed this game last month, been away from playing FPS games on PC for a long time, used to play DoD many years ago. Got a new PC in may and been playing some rising storm Vietnam however I have always preferred to play WW2 games so was happy when I stumbled across this game. Will deffo be trying the early access once available!