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  1. Cohawk

    Rate the beta (1-10)

    6/10 Really love the game tho. But they have to make quite alot of changes. Listen well to the community (what they do) and this game will be a master piece and a great succes.
  2. Cohawk

    Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    There is no way you can get that exact oldschool feeling again. That time is done. But this is pretty close to CoD and MoH. If the game really was like CoD or MoH it would be dead in 2 months. I think they did a great job getting that unrealistic arena style in the game ( wich is positive ) with a unique twist. and if you we’re really expexting something else.. sorry but i think you just din’t know the motive of this game. Beside that. The game has a bright future and it will be total different in a year from now
  3. Cohawk

    Sniping a bit to OP?

    Hey guys, i am really enjoying BAT44 so far! game is pretty hard tho. I can’t admit i got r3kt some matches where i litterly can’t get kills without using sniper. I think sniper class is just slightly a bit OP because you can headglitch like hell, And the mobility is very high. It is almost a long range shotgun. I’m pretty new tho this game. So it could be that i just don’t know how to counter it. But i am really curious what you guys think
  4. Cohawk

    Jump + zoom

    I think this game is about doing things what you want. And not be stopped by penaltys like this. Sure it is kinda OP so maybe they can make it a little bit harder. But it should be possible to master to make sick skill based shots. ( I haven’t played the alpha so i have litterly no idea how the game feels atm )
  5. Cohawk

    Beta / Early Access Graphics

    I think it will be better in the future, Honestly if the game runs good i don't have a problem at all with a lower graphics game. Gameplay is more important to me. But i din't play the Closed alpha ( hopefully i will get a key ) so i have no idea how the game looks while playing it.
  6. I know it's pretty though if you really want a key, like yesterday i was part of the people who stayed awake till 01:30 AM waiting for the tweet. all the codes were taken so incredibely fast lol. i really was upset but you really can't blame brammer. He is working hard on BAT44 and i'm pretty thankful for the EA release february 1st!!!!
  7. Cohawk

    Destiny 2 on PC

    Destiny 2 was a joke for me and my clan. they could do SO MUCH MORE. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed D2.. but for like 2 till 4 weeks. they have ad a really shitty system with armor level-up lock, wich means you always get the same armor on the same level. Wich will be reset by every tuesday. in this way you can't get to the highest level in one or two weeks no matter how much you play. If you are really liking a game you should be rewarded in every hour you play! Big turndown for me.. The Clan system sucks to. I am founder of a 57 ppl clan from D2. only thing what you can achieve with your clan is the clan level system what would be reset per season. max level is 6 and per level u will be rewarded with tiny little extra's like more rare engrams completing a strike or something like that. But there is no clanwar, or a clan ranklist or whatever... only good thing about a clan is that you have people to play the raid with. I'm not gonna lie, Raids are really, really challanging and awesome. but there is just NO REWARD DOING IT. There is just no unique item that you really really want... they CAN fix all this problems by not rushing their DLC's en listening to the community. this game can be so great and soooo awesome. the concept is there now the rest... In this way there are many turndowns for me. To much to spend my time typing for an hour and a half,
  8. Cohawk

    Looking forward to early access

    Welcome! I can’t wait either. I knew about this game two years ago but i was stupid enough for not buying a key...
  9. Cohawk

    Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    810, I was to stupid for not buying one and i regret it everyday T^T