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  1. BETA Test Feed Back

    Thanks! Didn't know that!
  2. beta feedback

    Maybe if they limited the "height" of the jumping? It does look and feel unrealistic sometimes. But that's just me. Also, I would like a SQUAD pick where not everyone is a sniper. Maybe One Sniper, One BAR, One Thompson, Two rifles, something like that. Might put balance in teams. Again this is just my opinion. Otherwise...................I think it will be a good game. One thing I did notice, the image of the players seems a little small, and too far away. I like how (that other recent WW2 game) looks closer and appears larger overall. Again just my opinion.
  3. BETA Test Feed Back

    Wasn't sure if posting here would violate the NDA we signed.
  4. BETA Test Feed Back

    Did I miss something? Is there a forum where we can give feedback of playing the game? I have been playing for a while and just want to offer some views and want to see what other players are saying. I just didn't think this open forum was the proper place to voice opinions on the game. Thankyou.
  5. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    That sounds great!!!!!!!! Kinda wished for some "character customizations"...............like a battle worn uniform, helmet w/ camo, maybe white camo if in Winter, just normal stuff like that. Or skins like 101st, 82nd, Big Red 1.
  6. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    Thanks Razor. Cosmetics are fine................................also, it is always nice to be able to "customize" your character.
  7. Which maps do you want?

    Would like to see a "Train Yard, Railway Yard" type map. Look at the current CODWW2 Gustav cannon map. Just a suggestion. An "Airport Assault" map; a "Behind the Lines" map. Just solid maps that allow everyone to play their way, without linear choke points that direct actions.
  8. How many Maps will be in the full Game on release

    Sounds like a good selection to start. Looking forward to this game.
  9. weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    IF this game incorporates "weapon level ups", then you have lost me. ALL weapons should be available to ALL players from the start. Now, perhaps extra stuff like better sights, faster aim, reloads, fore grips...................................maybe, but not the weapon itself. Not all players have that much time to devote to playing to gain so much. XP should help a plyer get better, not uber weapons that dominate a game. Sorry, but that is what COD, and Medal of Honor, and BF Games all were known for. Can't this group get a little more imaginative that that?
  10. Just Joined This Site!

    Glad to hear its going well. Early access sounds great! Really looking forward to this game. And thank you for the warm welcome!
  11. Just Joined This Site!

    Hello to everyone. My name is Kingkat54, and I enjoy FPS games. I am looking forward to this game, and am pleased a BETA is coming soon. I am a more "mature" gamer, and enjoy gaming with friends and having a good time. Thanks.