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  1. Goldeneye. N64. Then came Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon.
  2. Kingkat54

    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    I always liked what Titanfall games did with these types. Put all the cheaters, aimbotters and toxic players restricted to certain servers of all of them. Never banned them, just put them all together to play against each other. Seemed like a good idea.
  3. I have always felt that a "FPS" game has a sliding scale from "ARCADE MODE"............to "ABSOLUTE REALISM". Too much of one hurts the other, and opposite as well. Also, I think these games play too fast to be enjoyed. It always seems to be just running and gunning and trying to score kills, rather than play an objective, or help the team. I know what many of you will post, so this is just my opinion. Minus the bunny hopping, I think the game can improve and will improve. Its been out, what almost a month? Give it time. Also, this is why many players want to have their own servers. So they can modify the play to their liking. I agree totally. Zane had many good points and I am, impressed he took so much time to write and study the game. Personally, I will look for those more "tactical" servers, without bunny hopping and too many snipers. Just my preferences, but I am sure I will find them.
  4. Kingkat54

    Tactical Servers list

    Very good indeed! Nice to see many servers. I now have a reason to buy this game after all.
  5. You are very welcome! Glad to have helped a little.
  6. THAT might make a difference. Actual gameplay footage of HOW you expect players to play the game. Show what IS expected and what is unacceptable in game. Many people are VISUAL learners and a video would be a great tool for learning. Also, have a running commentary about what is happening as well. This way you can affect learning at all levels. VISUAL, AUDITORY ( hearing) ans COMPREHENSIVE (reading). Just a suggestion . I support this.
  7. I hope so!!!! I read all the rules and how you would like to play Battalion 1944. Sounds like a lot of fun. Not just the same run n gun stuff!
  8. Got the invite to join here tactical teams.
  9. Disregard my pervious post, I failed to notice your invite. I look forward to playing this game with all of you. I just sux at that OTHER WW2 game, and I am not having fun with it! Thank you for the invitation.
  10. Just wondering if you guys are watching your posts. I signed up yesterday and have yet to hear from you.
  11. Just registered. You guys sound like a group that I agree with in fps gaming. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  12. Kingkat54

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    Reduce the height of the jumping. No ability to shoot while in the air....? Sniper rifles too quick to aim. Need to slow it down . Characters look too far away, not very close in game. Maps look too sterile right now. Hope they dirty them up a little. A little more recoil in weapons? Not sure how realistic it is right now.
  13. Kingkat54

    BETA Test Feed Back

    Thanks! Didn't know that!
  14. Kingkat54

    beta feedback

    Maybe if they limited the "height" of the jumping? It does look and feel unrealistic sometimes. But that's just me. Also, I would like a SQUAD pick where not everyone is a sniper. Maybe One Sniper, One BAR, One Thompson, Two rifles, something like that. Might put balance in teams. Again this is just my opinion. Otherwise...................I think it will be a good game. One thing I did notice, the image of the players seems a little small, and too far away. I like how (that other recent WW2 game) looks closer and appears larger overall. Again just my opinion.
  15. Kingkat54

    BETA Test Feed Back

    Wasn't sure if posting here would violate the NDA we signed.