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  1. Anyone else

    did anyone else have some latency issues? i had to turn down everything to low last night. I have a gtx 950 and an intel core i5 processor. Game should be running smooth on this system
  2. Your connection to the host has been lost

    This is a very common issue. Hopefully they fix this stuff before the next step of the beta today
  3. Error joining games?

    Same connection error in both arcade and competitive. took me a bit to actually get into a game
  4. Anyone got a beta key yet (not influencers)

    Negative haven't received one at all. Has anyone else seen anything?
  5. Knife round in wartide competitive mode?

    there a knife round in competitive?
  6. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    Oh hi. played a bit of promod on ESEA back in the day. Mostly played promod on pub servers tho
  7. At work checking the forums, twitter and facebook for Battalion 1944 and Bulkhead looking for any news of anything related to the game. Unhealthy? I think yes. Someone stop me, i cant seem to stop.
  8. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    my number is 123. My relatives live in Germany and I live in the United States, playing online with them would be like playing in a reality TV show, filled with drama. Perfect for the Axis and Allies style of game you are going for. Note: one of my family members in Germany also applied.
  9. system reqs?

    im sure this has been asked before so feel free to send me a link. Ive got an intel i5 with a gtx 950. let me know if u need more info
  10. Freezetag should be a mode

    Played COD 2 and still play COD 4. I play on the xtreme idiots freezetag server on COD 4 as well as the promods. I think freezetag would be a fun official mode. Heres a good video for those that dont know about freezetag