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    Greetings everyone

    Hello, I'd like to introduce myself as well. People call me ESK0 and I'm 22yrs old dude from The Czech Republic (Home of the legends Mazarini and Paradox). I'm proud CoD2 and CoD4 player.. Unfortunately time is ruthless and those games are almost dead and most of the players switched to CS:GO.. like me. I've spend almost 4k hrs on CS:GO and I'm really tired of this game.. 3 years ago I fell into server modding. Such as custom gamemods (I'v made Call of Duty mode as well , Videos from development can be found on my YT), ServerAdvertisment, illegal things (Things which are against Valve politics: Example) and much more. To this day, I am one of the largest community modder on CS:GO in The Czech Republic and one of the top 10-20 in the world Who knows... I'm looking forward to play this game, create some good mods/maps or help with future game translation. What about you guys... Whos planning creating community server? And Whos going to fall deep into the game and tryhard?