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  1. CobbyJ

    steamcmd overwrite

    Its not like every other game for example csgo they do not overwrite config files!
  2. Another mess up by Battalion 1944!! So when you do a steamcmd update for the community servers it overwrites the defaultgame.ini loosing all of your settings and also the loadouts so any changes you make will be overwritten. And again still not fixed - MAX PLAYERS - TICK RATE - SERVER NAME - SERVER PING.
  3. CobbyJ


    I would agree, something needs to change with the match making servers when we play against players with 160+ pings and they warp all over - impossible to play.
  4. Yep, same as the very start and the net code seems worse then when early release started.
  5. CobbyJ

    Server to test mods

    Thank you
  6. Just seen the latest update announcement - still no updates for dedicated servers such as a simple team balance from i see from there.
  7. So why does it not show max players correctly, auto-assign not working, no way to hard set max players in command line or tick rate? also net code not correct in query.
  8. That is not server side fixes really, that is client side fixes in netcode.
  9. @Dark @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON any eta when these issues will be resolved, almost a month now and it seems promises are being broken when you said these would be fixed. We have had multiple server updates with no actual fixes. you have not even fixed the auto-assign which is ridiculous.
  10. You need to set RequiredPlayers=2 Or set to StartType=Skip
  11. Thats not the issue, the issue is that it doesnt work, so when someone joins it puts them both on the same team automatically.
  12. Still not a single dedicated server fix since release. this is getting ridiculous, you cant even fix the simple team balance issues, let alone game query issues, max players or max tickrate.
  13. CobbyJ

    Bolt action for every team

    It is possible, i have made servers for sniper only and k98 only for both sides connect - K98 only connect - Sniper Only
  14. CobbyJ

    Battalion.exe - Application Error

    I am getting the same issue.
  15. Tried the game port and query port, both saying offline.