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  1. Battalion.exe - Application Error

    I am getting the same issue.
  2. Tried the game port and query port, both saying offline.
  3. Looks really good. I did try it but said game server offline when i tried with my server and port.
  4. class limit

    Hello, You can just edit the .json files. and set nades to 0
  5. I have got it working with TCAdmin now without issues, i am running server 2016 thought, not sure if that makes any difference, i know there are some new configs on the tcadmin forums. I have made my own which works very well and able to the limit the slots.
  6. Issue with that is, you dont get any actual support, you need to know Linux or pay for a windows license and then a control panel on top which is about $50 on top of the server and then you need to know how to configure the game server itself, i have been in GSP industry with over 15 years experience starting with cod 2 and cs 1.6 and so on. it is no that easy to just say here are the files.
  7. No Aim Map there, its also EU, should get a pretty good ping.
  8. 3rd party server management

    TCAdmin is good as a management system, i use it myself.
  9. Server to test mods

    From everything i have read and seen you will be able to make mods and maps just not currently.
  10. Dedicated Server Requirements

    someone did make a docker one in reddit, not sure how updated it is. windows seems to be the most stable.
  11. Dedicated Server Requirements

    always better resources because its direct and better i/o because its direct from the disk, we use 2x480GB SSD in mirror mode.
  12. Windows servers works pretty nice. no real issues. just general things like team balance and so on, but they actually run not too bad.
  13. I have now also made a k98 only server connect Both teams can only select the k98 No frag grenades or smokes and no pistol
  14. I agree as well, the last update did seem to fix some things, but also causing others. There is a lot that needs to be sorted, especially team balance and max players and tick rate in the command line - not to mention to query correctly.
  15. I am seeing some memory issues as well, the CPU seems to be much better after the first update. Is there any update on team balance for dedicated servers? getting ridiculous now