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  1. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    i dont want jumping removed! i want it balanced and right now, it isn't. i dont know what balance looks like, maybe slow the acceleration speed down, lessen the smg power and accuracy, give the smgs recoil, idk? this is NOT just a function of JUST jumping, its map size, layout, speed & overall movement etc. i'm not bashing jumping at all. i'm saying that it's OP and almost unstoppable in a game that already has a lot of issues. trust me, i jumped around corners and quick scoped and sprayed the hell out of people too. if it stays, i'll keep doing it, but from a fun standpoint, both half's should be equally fun and to get randomed (to answer your question: less skill, less thought, and more luck/hope style of play) by someone flying around a corner guess pre-firing a spot pisses a lot of people off and will keep top players from playing. it's one reason why cod4 only really had a handful of tournaments and a small amount of good players and died 2008ish
  2. My thoughts of the beta

    good point, idk how else to describe it
  3. Suggestions after playing a few hours

    agreed, you would get the goofs that cook them top cinema the second after the axis player fakes the diffuse and pushes cinema to find a nade in their face. no way.
  4. beta feedback

    I second removal of prone, it doesn't serve a purpose other than adding a few unique ways to hold spots, and this game needs less movement variety, not more. With the speed and game mechanics the way they are it's something that wouldn't be missed in competitive play.
  5. recoil

    how does it not?
  6. Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    This is what's ironic about the jumping. Wartide is simply: allies attack, axis defend. Camping is a style of defense. You can have active, passive, or a combination of the defenses. In passive/combination you can also move around a bit, but one of the worst things is when you're playing defense and you shift your position slightly and get fragged because of it. It's happened to everyone, but the jumping/shooting while jumping accuracy, jump acceleration all of it could be nerfed to make holding a spot on axis and getting jump fragged less annoying AND give the defender a better chance. I know it goes both ways and I was jumping like a maniac every chance i could with the smg, but it just seems like a lamer's move to me.
  7. Suggestions after playing a few hours

    agree 100% also, the video above my post, thanks shdw, that's a good way to do recoil
  8. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    it's random, and LESS skill/thought based. say you're in a 4v1, holding a crossfire spot with a teammate in a bomb site. a guy jump prefires you and frags you, your teammate misses, and the jumper spins around and sprays him down because he has a bolt. who deserves the W, the methodical well thought out two players than have a cross fire strat set up, or the player that guessed then got lucky?
  9. Most of these feedback threads are preference. i tried to mix some logic into mine. Agree/disagree or add to it please. i like the game. it has potential. personally as it is now, i'll probably play 1 season then quit like i did cod2. this is cod2+cod4 which is cool and nostalgic, but it needs something. idk what exactly, but please make some changes from a place of less is more. THE MAPS derailed: b site is a cluster fk that does not seem like it fits the games speed, it's claustrophobic. a site is SO COOL, i LOVE it, but maybe lightening it up a bit, it seems dead/dark/flat in the church, not a big deal but the lighting seems dull, my MAIN issue with the map is the random ass train right in the middle that cuts the defense in half. yes you can go short A hall, but if i'm scoping long A/horseshoe hall from back traincar and want to rotate b it would make a lot more sense from a 'clutchability' standpoint to delete the random train blocking off half the map. the cinema is cool. maybe opening up/adding another floor to the broken house would open b up, or adding a level of depth to the cinema. idk i'm not the designer but the biggest things i see are the b site being a cluster and the random train that blocks off half the map. coastal: for how fast this game moves, maybe we could shift the a house back a bit? its so close quarters from the red house/arch house to the a house i feel like it would do better if the a house were further back or the coast was a bit more open or something. the middle part of the map is perfect. b site is good, umm maybe open up the back side of it behind fountain a bit because this is a fast ass game, and tight quarters in a fast game dont really mix well. MOVEMENT its awkward at first but you get used to it. basically 3 styles, cs style not leaning or jumping, just playing - old school style - leaning, holding spots, crouching, etc - newschool jumping bean flying around corners style. the jumping around corners seems OP. which to call a movement style OP seems weird, i know. but to cs players who have been playing 10+ years to have some 12 year old thats been playing for 1 year FLY around the corner and spray you down with an smg when you clearly outplayed out positioned them etc, is frustrating and will make a lot of the more methodical chess style thoughtful players leave while the energy drinking 12 year olds dominate based on sheer randomness, and guessing jump prefiring every corner. TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL FISH, yeah im old and making it obvious, but us old guys have the wisdom and gamesense and contribute too just like the energy drinking sensory overloaded kids do to because they keep us on our toes. i think it caters to all 3, BUT frankly my main point here is: theres almost too much variety in the movement? i cant put my finger on it but it seems like theres too much and something needs to be cut out. maybe remove sprinting and increase the overall game speed 20%? get rid of proneing? i dunno, something seems 'off' and of course im not used to it, but everyone i played with of all gaming backgrounds felt it. SOUND "what in the everloving fk!?!" said several times by me. its 90/10. 90% of the time its dead on but 10% of the time it seems SO far off, almost opposite. please, this is VEEERY important for competitive play. i love how bassy it is, and just about everything else, i can tell a lot of time and effort went into this. sidenote: do people hear you when you change stance? i think that needs to go. it was strategic to avoid picking up cards to clutch/sneak, but for the enemy to hear you when you go from crouch to stand, or scope in? no, please no WEAPONS this is the biggest area of improvement. sniper needs something to make it a little harder to use. it's so dominant. maybe a little scope sway? the smgs are insane when paired with jumping bean style play like you cant do ANYTHING to stop them. the shotty uhh idk i saw a TON of point blank shots from a lot of different people that seemed to go through the enemy and just whiff and i saw and hit foot shots that were frags so idk it seems random. the defaults arent bad actually. the heavy mg's seem to be the weakest guns ironically. the damage at range should be cranked up by a lot on these. weapon character - the smg's, heavy mgs, are both exactly the same, or are they? they seem the same - maybe give them each a different feel/character - like the 44 vs the bar, the same. i dont care about recoil at this point, it would be great to add it, but its not a priority. nades arent toooo OP but maybe tone them down a little? the smokes are good, but i saw A LOT of frags through smokes, like cheating status frags so maybe theres graphical glitches, discrepancies, or settings idk about but my teams got shot through smoke a lot, and it was at times that were far from obvious. ECONOMY it's interesting, but needs tweaking. if you're down 5-0 you're fk'ed. thanks for giving us a smoke and nade w default, and default is decent, but not against a fully bought team as it stands now. this is highly dependent on the weapons so maybe change them first then tackle the economy. CLOSING Thank you guys for making this. It's cool. From people i played with who played alpha you're making HUGE progress which is awesome! A clean, simple, balanced, UNIQUE game is what gets my attention and will keep it, not nostalgia. Nostalgia is for has been's, and never were's. Yes, that was a shot fired, but i know because playing it felt a little like shooting myself hehe. I dont have what will make it unique but maybe you do? It's harder than I expected, which is good for competitive play. Fast jerky movement in claustrophobic sites isn't exactly what I wanted BUT the netcode, game play and competitive value are there. Maybe push CTF too because if wartide isn't played at jumping bean pace it will be boring for spectators and players. Not everyone wants the fly around the map jumping around gameplay, some people play more methodically which I dont think this caters to yet in wartide, or maybe i just need to work on my aim or not being catered to As it stands now with all things considered this game is more natural/better suited for ctf, but more people will play wartide because thats the way it "should" be. I have faith you'll make wartide feel natural too, or not.
  10. Learning curve & skill gap discussion

    1) You missed this in my first post: Recoil along with weapon mastery was one of the things that made CS 1.6 the undisputed most successful FPS ever. ONE of the things. So... I agree. The thread got myopic. Recoil is an example of something to widen a skill gap. This was a PROACTIVE and preventative post, not a reactive post. 2) again, i never said JUST, the thread got myopic, oops. Good point on the slowing down! Devs? hmm I dunno about nearly impossible to land sprays, but HARDER, because the point of this thread is, the game seems easy. But, I will see when I test my beta key later hehe. 3) again with the all or nothing inferences... i never made this an all or nothing. i'm not talking about good or bad, because obviously this looks good otherwise i wouldnt be here. i'm talking about lasting versus not lasting. like you said cs lasted because the devs focused on competitive play versus cod where it was $$$ for the casual crowd. no more recoil talk because i see people don't read and assimilate what they read, they just react typical symptom of information and sensory overload. ugh 2018 anyway... to make it clear from a reading comprehension standpoint.... DOES ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS TO WIDEN THE SKILL GAP AND MAKE THE GAME HARDER THUS MORE COMPETITIVE THUS EXTENDING THE LIFE OF IT?
  11. Battalion 1944 Animation Suggestion

    Good point dude, thanks for giving a sh*t and making a video. Also that black american flag is very cool
  12. Frames per second INGAME?

    I don't think the human eye can detect differences from 144fps to 250fps, or can it? You're not going to make it to the next level of play because of a monitor It's the indian that makes the shot with the bow, the arrow does'nt matter much.
  13. Games modes

    Instead of bomb camping there will be gun camping Wait... can any player plant, or is there a single bomb per team?
  14. Learning curve & skill gap discussion

    It does if it's parenthetical you need to learn how to move your mouse to adjust to keep your gun level. People say it because it's true. The top csgo players DESTROY noobs. In COD4 the noobs could frag the pros, and one of the reasons was the spray patterns of the guns. Not just ironsighted recoil but the overall nature of the guns. I'm not bashing batallion. It looks amazing. I want it to last. The reason cs is WILDLY more successful than any cod was because of game mechanics. Recoil is one of the most easily changeable mechanics. Frankly if they built this on the cs 1.6 platform with upgraded graphics (probably not possible/realistic) this would be THE competitive fps guaranteed. But because they used ut4 (not a knock) which is an easy engine to learn and very easy to frag on compared to cs, or quake engines, they need to make other tweaks to it to increase the skill ceiling. Case in point, this looks easy: The two MP44 frags at 3:00 in the video look like a laser gun. Cod4 did NOT have recoil. Cod2 had traces of recoil. Cod1 had some recoil. If CS recoil is a 10/10 this looks like a 2/10, COD1 was a 5, and COD2 and COD4 were like 1's on the recoil scale. If you guys want to take down CS you're going to have to make this game a lot harder than it looks. Based on that 6 minutes and a tommy video I saw: (critical skilled based stuff only because frankly it looks good fun overall but as a competitive player i need to put the ego hat on) little to no recoil, jumping bs long range shotty shots because the bullet pattern looks like that of a single cannon ball versus a shotgun that would spread, tommy/smg's that can hit at range which, i get damage falloff was implemented, but there also needs to be accuracy falloff if there isn't going to be recoil ie. you can't actually hit someone at range with ALL your bullets with a tommy. Again, haven't played it, and this is based off watching a 6 min video. It looks awesome, I'll be playing with old NA cod1 teammates for sure. I'm just crotchety and don't think mp44 frags should happen that easily at that range, which is what ruined cod2 for me after a season because it was just too damn easy. The same thing happened in cod4, it lasted a season and good players got tired of noobs coming in and beating them because the skill gap was narrower and narrower as the cod series went on. I'll support either way. I'll probably bitch and moan one more time after it comes out, or maybe I won't