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    junior detectives aggregating information on suspected cheaters. maybe add this in a year or two but a waste of coding skills tbh
  2. fish

    The LAN announced - questions

    this cant be what they're calling the "major" lan, i thought they said six figure prize? this is just a tester it seems like. but, to your points, this is what they've been doing all along as far as lack of patience and rushing. maybe edit your title to "a lan announced" instead of ""the" lan announced"?
  3. fish


    This is a client side issue, please make smokes, hit detection etc server side if you can devs!
  4. fish


    someone will make them/something similar. the maps are messy in the middle and too small as it stands now
  5. fish

    Game's Dead guys..

    Think I understand this, but I am a "word choice is everything person". As it stands now, this game needs less development, as it's overdeveloped. It needs simplification, and a lot of it to go from a pub/pug game to a full blown competitive game. And to people complaining about devs: They're devs. Not league officials, not democratic please everyone's, but devs. Nearly ALL successful COMPETITIVE games the devs had little to nothing to do with the game in it's later stages. It was the players and the leagues/tourneys. But, be thankful the dev's WILL be there to fix issues with the games when they're found in late stages of gameplay, assuming they make it there
  6. yes, i think it's the area around the weapon instead of the speed, just like with a bomb plant, or diffuse. sometimes i would pick it up in a millisecond, other times i fumble around looking for the gun. the area is very small like you almost need to be right on the bomb. maybe also increase the perimeter around the site where we can plant too to make for more unique plants/diffuses/peeks to cover bomb?
  7. then they did something to make it way out of whack. i'm sure theyre too busy to answer, but the gameplay... if this is server sided
  8. yes yes, the maps need to be simplified, there's a lot of "overthinking" in them. simple is always better. i think they did the leaning peekers advantage on purpose, which should have never been done. frankly, if they got rid of leaning and prone that would be fine and not do much to detract from competitive play. nostalgia is nice, but to build a game around it is not the way. hope magnums post doesn't fall on deaf ears because a lot of TOP level players who played when games were alive feel the same way. not that people that came late to games opinions don't matter, but it feels like this game was made without any 'legacy' input. check out rvs, mohaa, sof2, cs 1.6, and PLAY them. cod4 is NOT a game to base something on. the competitive scene was paltry in terms of player quality, speaking purely north american scene here since i know euros loooved it and i'm with you salz, nades must be weakened. the nades are nukes, which to a competitive player getting killed by a nade versus a gun fight, getting killed by a nade is lame/cowardly/nerd whatever you want to call it, it will make top talent come and go as quickly as they came. deep nucelar nades combined with tiny sometimes cluttered maps with sprinting where a team will flank you all the way around the map within 20 seconds is not fun. i don't watch to dodge nerd nades, watch flank/sit and hold spots, rush every round, and jump around corners. it leaves little room for DEPTH of strats, and throwing nerd nades and flanking with individual skill isn't depth of stratting. its a week in, but i just dont see this being a deep game, yet
  9. Does anyone know? Getting consistently shot when I think I'm around a corner makes me think this is client side heavy, if not 100% client sided
  10. that would be over complicating an already over complicated game
  11. fish

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    everyone has a different mouse, different ways of holding it, different surface. the best thing i was taught is to use the minimum sensitivity it takes to do a quick 180 degree turn if someone is behind you. if you can turn your player model more than 180 degrees with one long fast flick of the mouse your sens might be too high. lower is better because its easier to control.
  12. I put in a solid 30 hours to see if I like it. Overall, I don't. But, I don't know why exactly... I'm a competitive player who plays to have fun, not to be the best. But, that said I was playing with top tier/2nd tier NA players for the last few days. The specific statement I can make is, the maps don't seem to fit the game-type, or the movement doesn't seem to fit the maps, or some combination of the two. I had a blast playing CTF, the maps and movement worked. Wartide didn't feel natural though. I played about thirty 10 mans and a few scrims. I want to like it, I want to compete, but unless there's a big change or two... Suggestions: Simplify EVERYTHING Some maps are messy with a huge amount of spots to get peeked from Leaning is way off, like the engine was messed with to accommodate lean and it just doesn't work and it feels like you're in quicksand etcetera
  13. fish

    Esport bomb timer

    That's a mod
  14. fish

    Colored Names / Tags

    umm color is disgusting, its natural. theres color in nature and stuff, gross. colors make people "happy" wtf that is. no color. no way.
  15. drake will get a "who?" in 10 years, kanye is a legend kendricks new cd is a depressing pos, he fell victim to the industry.