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  1. Looks great, good job.
  2. I understand people have issues with jump shots, but why is there no mention of the kills he gets vs people jumping at him? he gets a good few kills out aiming people jumping out on him. He seems to counter the jump shot really well.
  3. TwistedMelon

    A video on my initial impressions of Battalion 1944

    Video was spot on.
  4. TwistedMelon

    Battalion Wallpaper

    Nice man, they look great.
  5. TwistedMelon

    Ideas on the new menu/interface

    Looks great that.
  6. TwistedMelon

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I`m going to play a game with sprint and jump shots, then complain about a game with sprint and jump shots. A lot of people wan`t the easy life, they cba to learn a new way to play.
  7. TwistedMelon


  8. TwistedMelon

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    How is jumping random? To answer you, if some guy jumps around a corner and frags you, that`s on you. Why didn`t you hear him running towards the corner? And if your teammate then misses him, then that`s bad play from him isn`t it? c`mon haha... "your teammate misses, and the jumper spins around and sprays him down because he has a bolt" I`m sorry but that is BAD play from your teammate. If you have two on a site and one guy jumps one corner and that then causes you both to freak out and miss shots then that`s on you. I get that the movement is not perfect but a lot are just wanting it removed because they don`t like it, nothing to do with balancing.
  9. TwistedMelon

    Can't wait to get good at Battalion.

    Same here
  10. TwistedMelon

    bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I don`t understand the issue with jumping, I mean people act like it`s this amazing unstoppable strategy. You all know people are going to jump yet it still outsmarts you? I really don`t get how such a simple and PREDICTABLE (very predictable) move is so OP to a lot of people.
  11. TwistedMelon


    I get no option, so I`m playing 1440x1080 in this game. I tried adding 4:3 in the Battalion\configs\custom but it did nothing.
  12. TwistedMelon

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    If I jump shot a better player than me, he`ll still kill me because he`s better.
  13. TwistedMelon


    I private messaged you.
  14. TwistedMelon

    Remove the entire matchmaking!!

    So they can test it.
  15. TwistedMelon

    Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    Yup. I think people just get mad because they know they should of done better, it`s easy to say "the scope is OP close range" It` happens to everyone, it happens to me a lot