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  1. Which maps do you want?

    MoH:AA Stalingrad (dm6), St.Renan and St.Lo, V2 and if someone of VSUK reads this i really would love Abbey. CoD4: District/City Streets, Vacant, Backlot, Crash and Strike Also Dust2 because Dust2 in my oppinion works in every game
  2. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Ye i mean in a game like Batt1944 i dont think it would work but in MOH even if it seems sucky today it was a mechanic you could abuse but also counterreact to. Same with blind spots in moh:spearhead. f.e. top left sniperhouse on hunt. I dont really want to compare it to bhops in cs or strafe jumps in quake but ill do it anyways because those also were not intended mechanics players with the know how could use. Or one of my favorites in moh:sh the invisible ledge walk in white ruins on hunt. AHHHH the nostalgia is taking over
  3. Ever thought about the devs maybe wanting to release the game in germany aswell? And well... you know displaying swastikas in any form is kind of illegal here so if there were any swastikas in the game it would be banned instantly. Most famous example would be Wolfenstein 2009 wich got banned in germany because the devs forgot to cencor one single swastika.
  4. What about "lean on" while walking?

    Was called clipping. In moh if you leant to the left side while sitting in a corner you could see around the corner without your model or hitbox beeing exposed
  5. Hi to everyone!

    welcome to the forums @Tocs
  6. I dont know for sure bit since its UE4 it should support such things and if not there are for sure commands to make custom resolutions.
  7. Looking forward to early access

    welcome to the forums dude. Looking forward to mee you in game.
  8. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    17 grasping for every straw i can reach to get into the game early
  9. Just Joined This Site!

    welcome to the forums
  10. Happy new year!!!

    Happy New Year everybody!
  11. Hi, my name is Velty

    welcome. Looking forward to seeing you in the game
  12. Greetings everyone

  13. Merry Christmas

    merry christmas guys
  14. Alpha gameplay

    hyped so much. looks rly great
  15. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    German promod player here