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  1. Tomme

    5pm Thurs is unacceptable!

    Steam set the release time for 95% of games, and that is typically always 10AM PST / 5PM GMT. Make dealings.
  2. Tomme

    Dedicated server's

    Thanks Dark!
  3. Tomme

    Create a dedicated server

    Multiplay are going to be running Linux servers plus other UE4 games on Steam distribute their servers with SteamCMD like others so should hopefully be all fine.
  4. Tomme

    Dedicated server's

    Then they would've said Windows servers as that is what the clients would see.
  5. Tomme

    Doubts about servers

    They plan to have South African server for Early Access alongside Australian servers, I think it would be silly of them to not have South American ones as well.
  6. Tomme

    Derailed and Coastal Feedback

    I think defending B is not to bad if you know the odd the nade. I think a reasonable issue (maybe until we play more) is retaking either A or B on Derailed. A being a hard retake is understandable - it is harder to attack but B, if you can secure the site is so easy to defend.
  7. Tomme

    Competitive map picker

    I agree with @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON, or maybe at most have map pools so if a map isn't suitable or needs to be fixed it can be moved to a "backup" pool which you can choose to play. Similar to casual in CSGO .
  8. Tomme

    Alpha tonight??

    They might give away a few more keys if we are lucky. Thankfully the beta will be soon which hopefully many more people will get a chance, don't forget to sign up: http://beta.battaliongame.com/ Oh found on giveaway for tonight: https://twitter.com/HowardPhilpott/status/952576079784562688
  9. Tomme

    Ironsight too big on carabine

    The iron sight sizes have changed with the different updates/releases (you can see it in the Thompson), might be worth waiting till the beta to see what it is like then.
  10. Tomme

    chat binds and chat colour

    It isn't built into UE4 unlike the Quake engine but it would be fun to add for in-game names, heck it is such a small silly thing they could monitise it.
  11. Tomme

    250 fps & 240 hz

    Remember if your 240Hz monitor refresh rate is interpolated and not native, you actually only need 120fps.
  12. Tomme

    Sign up for Closed beta access

    Clearly anyone who has signed up in the past day(s) have been diligently following your Facebook / Twitter and deserves a key.