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  1. Duncan

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I'd be extremely surprised if Battalion goes anywhere at this point. There's nowhere near enough developer interaction for an Early Access title. The game needs a lot of work as at the moment it's stale and completely lacks any sort of vision. For me, developing the game on UE4 was their first mistake. Movement is clunky, it's not visually appealing in the slightest and there's almost a non-existent player base. I know they say "there's no such thing as bad publicity" but frankly the whole Shroud skin fiasco is nothing but the latter. Not to mention that the official forum is essentially ignored. Don't get me wrong. I'd LOVE for Battalion to become a massively popular competitive FPS but if the developers don't change course soon they might as well call it quits right now as clearly something isn't working.
  2. Sadly I don't really see Battalion going anywhere or becoming anywhere close to a 'mainstream' title. When it comes out fully in 2019 I imagine there will be a boost in player numbers but only slightly (perhaps a maximum 24 hour peak of 1500-2000). There are too many issues overall and the game in general feels underwhelming and, frankly, generic. The style of gameplay is great and the card system is an interesting take on having an in-game economy but the gameplay itself feels sluggish and clunky. Overall there is just something (quite major) missing from Battalion - I have no real desire to play everyday and when I do I only play a few matches before losing interest. This doesn't really happen to me when I play other FPS games.
  3. Duncan

    Game's Dead guys..

    I disagree. I think it was a bad choice building the game on UE4. Yes, games can look AMAZING on UE4 - at the moment Battalion isn't one of them (not that anyone was really expecting it to look incredible). I am not talking about animations, I'm specifically talking about the way movement feels. At the moment it's lacking but as I said, they will improve it over time but I doubt it will ever feel like COD4 for example.
  4. Duncan

    Game's Dead guys..

    Starting to go off the game. The more you play it, the more your realise how far it still has to come. It's obviously in Early Access but something just feels off about it. The movement is sluggish, clunky, not fluid - they can tweak it, but due to the game being built on the Unreal 4 engine, I doubt it will ever feel buttery smooth. Basic game design is lacking. In smoke you literally cannot see a thing, no even your gun. It's as if they've just put MS Paint over your screen - even when you are just on the edge of a smoke, leaning slightly into it, fully blinded. As much as it has been fun to play, for me the game isn't really even in a state to go into Early Access.
  5. Duncan

    IGN vid - WTF is this!

    What's the problem?
  6. Duncan

    Red dots

    The red dots from enemy fire is definitely a bit buggy. I've seen someone be a constant red dot (not firing) so I could literally watch them running around the map
  7. Duncan


    What do you mean by lag? As in high ping, low frame rates? The only thing that would really make your load times long would be a slow HDD.
  8. Duncan


    Hacking of course. I'm not saying the guy you were against wasn't hacking but I just doubt that there are loads of people doing it.
  9. Duncan


    I've been waiting a long time for this as well (used to spent so much time playing promod with a group of mates). There are definitely people who look suspicious, I agree - and they may well be hacking. Just last night (in a 5 stack against a 4 stack) after stomping the enemy team for about 5 rounds the 4-man party left, leaving 1 random on their team. He was mediocre at best but then out of no where he started 1v5ing us with a scope twice. He was attacking so the next round we waited in obscure positions and yet he still know where we were. He then naded himself until we won 13 rounds after calling him out.
  10. Duncan


    Most of the time the people you suspect are hacking are probably just better/pre-aiming corners - remember a lot of players (such as myself) are sweating this game. I'm currently level 9 and there has been a few occasions where I have thought someone was suspicious but they were probably just out playing me. There are already hacks for Battalion but I doubt loads of people are using them.
  11. Duncan

    Levelling Up

    Anyone worked out how you can keep your level when you level up? Sometimes I level up and can get my crate instantly and my new level shows in the top right of the main menu and other times I level up and my level stays the same on the main menu and have no crate?
  12. Duncan

    same old crap

    Yeah. They fooled you good! HAHA! GOTTEM! /s
  13. Do you think that your level will be reset at some point during Early Access/on full release? I assume competitive ranks will be reset but am wondering about the casual levels?
  14. Why would you be limited to using 180Hz just because the FPS is capped to 200?