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  1. Minimap is over detailed

    I agree that the mini map is overly detailed. My main issue with it is that it's so zoomed out.
  2. beta feedback

  3. Derailed...

    So, I'm hyped for the game. I've been playing it since Friday and have got 8 hours played already. I've only played the competitive mode so far. Coastal seems like a decent map - simple design, clean layout. There are of course things that probably need to be worked on and fixed but it's a solid enough map (a bit too small for me) - nothing special really but good nonetheless. Now... Derailed. Mmmmmmmmmm. Not so good. For me, Derailed is one of those maps that wouldn't make it into a competitive version of a game (there is a reason Bog wasn't played at ProMod LANs - it wasn't suited to competitive play (and it was a shit map anyway)). It's overly dark - shadows everywhere. There are multiple routes/tunnels that players can use so your head needs to be on a swivel. The ground is very cluttered especially outside the cinema. Frankly, it's a bit of a clusterfuck - and a lot of people seem to be saying the same thing. When I've asked people if they like Derailed in-game, a lot of them say no. That's just my thoughts on it. There are other issues concerning movement and the fluidity of the game but that's a different topic. I'll still be buying the game 100% and I'm sure the team will be making a lot changes and fixes before EA.
  4. I don't know if they ever mention trying to make Battalion feel like MoH or BF. They might have said they wanted to capture the themes of those games but it was never the plan to created their own version of them. Battalion is a WW2 themed game that is trying to recreate the feel and movement of CoD 4 ProMod (hence them coding the Quake engine's strafe bug into the Unreal engine). It's taking design elements from CoD 2 as well as other WW2 games. It's taking the competitive and economy aspect of CS and trying to make it work. You could basically think of Battallion as CS with a CoD feel in a WW2 environment.
  5. This shouldn't be a kick

    It's difficult to find the balance for vote kicking. Players need the power to do it, but if the majority of your team in trying to troll you because they're laughing about it in a call there isn't much you can do about it.

    This is the weirdest thing I've read so far.
  7. When you think back to the glory days of ProMod (which is essentially what Battalion is trying to recreate - but with it's own style) and think of the main regions that players came from, South America isn't one of them. Sure, there may be a community in South America and there may even have been professional ProMod teams from South America (I can't name any) but realistically, Bulkhead have to invest in regions that they KNOW have players. Battalion isn't being released by EA or Ubisoft - money is a limiting factor for Battalion (I would assume).
  8. Competitive game

    I would be astonished if we didn't get dedicated servers. They can't market the game like they have been and then have people playing peer-to-peer. It will be dedicated servers with the option of having your own dedicated servers just like in CoD4/BF1 etc. It's going to be great.
  9. Rifle Balance

    ProMod damage.
  10. Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    As much as they are different, I would say that Hz and FPS are quite interchangeable in this context. The fact that they are capping FPS to 200 means people using 240Hz monitors (which are becoming more popular) won't be able to use their monitors full potential. That's the point @ISKANDER was making I believe. No need to downvote me... it wasn't an attack lol.
  11. Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    Clearly he's talking about people using 240Hz monitors who would want a constant 240 FPS. You're being slightly pedantic.
  12. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    There are many things wrong with it as I said but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. It's the best CoD in recent years (for me personally) simply because the 'boots on the ground'. It's very playable as a non-serious/pub stomp kind of game with friends. I have missed having a CoD in my life (the last one I played anywhere near this much was BO2) so that why I have so many hours on it eventhough it may have came across as if I hate it haha!
  13. CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    I got WW2 for £28 and currently have 135 hours on multiplayer and 8 on singleplayer. I would say I've got my moneys worth. There are many things wrong with it - no anticheat, seemingly no dedicated servers, loot boxes that are a scam, hit detection/lag compensation is awful, maps are pretty bad, guns need balancing etc.
  14. Lets talk about skins

    From what I've seen online, there will be skins and other customisation options/items as you say but there will also be microtransactions. I have to say, I'm really not fan of microtransactions but I understand that the game needs to be supports somehow.
  15. Hello

    Hello, I'm 23 years old and have been playing FPS games for about 10 years (not very long I know). The first FPS game I can remember playing was CoD3 - I actually borrowed it from a classmate. I eventually got a PS3 and played CoD4 (eventhough WaW was out) until MW2 was released. I guess MW2 was the FPS game that got me hooked on the genre. I have played every CoD since then (apart from IW). I (and the friends I played with) played CoD4 ProMod for a number of years and used IRCs and ESL to find scrims however we were only ever 'high' at a push. For whatever reason I've never really gotten into CS. I think it's because it's a different style of FPS game and due to it being slower and more basic in a lot of ways. The point and click/hipfire gameplay that CS provides had just never appealed to me. I've also played many other FPS games such as Battlefield, Heroes & Generals and Rainbow 6: Siege to name a few (all of which are interesting games in their own ways but just don't cut it when all you want is a new version of ProMod). I've been playing a lot of WW2 recently and as much as there are a lot of things wrong with it, for me, it's easily the best CoD in recent years simply because there is no jetpacks or wall running (there actually still is 'wall running' in WW2 for the OGs reading this). I need an FPS game that's fun to play in a public environment (like the ProMod Netsky servers for instance) that also offers a competitive environment with ranks and ladders. I need an FPS that runs on dedicated servers, has fluid movement and balanced guns/maps. From what I've seen, this is what Battalion is aiming to be - I just wish I had become a backer when I had the chance! Cheers!