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  1. DHD Psyc

    Greetings from Clan DHD

    Thank you all. i am really excited for this.
  2. DHD Psyc

    Questions about servers and mods

    I too am hoping for the old days of dedicated servers with the ability to rent a server from a hosting company with up to x amount of slots ex..24 players. The abilty to mod the server and a rcon tool. Pc gamers have been left in the dark for too long now.
  3. DHD Psyc

    Greetings from Clan DHD

    Hi all, My name is Psyc Leader of clan DHD. I am a old school gamer. My clan and I go back to the cod 1 days. We are really missing dedicated servers, rcon control and custom maps. Although we have played many games in the past years , we are hoping that this game will put control back into the pc gamers hand.