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  1. Most of the people that would form clans, modded servers, and communities have disappeared because of the persistent server crash issues.
  2. Firefly

    Server crashes a host problem?

    Ah, the server crashes.... I started this game with the hopes of running a community and a server. Server crashed so often that 4-5 of the 22 people kept playing the game, after which I had to shut everything down. No fix was in sight. There was no mention of a fix for this in any news article. I kept playing the game for a while, but my decline of enhausiasm after closing down the community became increasingly apparent over time. The game is good and has great potential, so I hope to return full-time and rebuild everything one day.
  3. Firefly

    players getting banned & don't own game

    For some reason, Bat1944 is getting all the bad luck. unfortunate
  4. vac is trash. everybody knew that (hopefully).
  5. It's impossible to get a stable server running right now, no matter where you rent it. Multiplaygameservers claims that the issue is caused by the game, that the devs acknowledged this and that there will be a game update with the fix soon. Is this true? In the latest newspost, I see stuff about filters. That's good, but it's no use when it's impossible to get a stable server running.