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  1. i dont know insurgency but squad is a different type of game. doesnt fit in this game's category.
  2. The official website battaliongame.com

    LAST VISITED May 24, 2017 i dont think he's gonna help anybody.
  3. Will there be censorship??? (Dev question)

    At least they're not promoting this game as a historically correct game.
  4. EAC vs Battle Eye

    Battleye is the best. Many cheat developers have given up on making cheats for Arma. EAC is better than VAC. VAC is as good at detecting cheats as a goat.
  5. inb4 thousands of "OmG IT'S A TRIPLE BABY 360 NOSCOPE TRICKSHOT MLG SMOKE ***** EVERYDAY" topics but good idea tho.
  6. First of all, you did a good job with the recent changes. The old version had bad overview and was outdated. The roadmap you added to the homepage is very informative. What should happen next is that you should add sections for basic information about the game. For example, there should be a page about all the maps in the game. I think people will appreciate that, so they don't have to scramble many youtube videos together and wonder which of them are still not outdated or if any new maps are missing in the videos. A large part of the players isn't interested in scrolling endlessly through facebook and twitter either.
  7. Not Racist just asking

    just add the swastikas after the game becomes famous kappa
  8. Pre order dedicadet server.

    damn, 7 servers. you're going all-in aren't you?
  9. Pre order dedicadet server.

    dude, they had those test servers 2 months ago. how the **** is it possible to already have test servers when the game itsself doesn't even have the server feature yet?
  10. Pre order dedicadet server.

    and its gone again...
  11. Pre order dedicadet server.

    for me there is bat1944 in the list. it's possible.
  12. true. if I wanted perks, abilities and all types of other bullcrap, i would be playing world of warcraft instead of a ww2 game.