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  1. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    I am right that this game with Strafejumping only appeals to a small part of the players. This is obvious. I also give you the right to build a strafejumping version on a non-strafejumping version. Not the other way around.At the same time, however, I think that you have to connect strafejumping automatically with e-sports. This is a fixed misconception. E-Sports has many faces. Those who think the cod4 Promod because of the pro in the name in some form more demanding is mistaken. For most, it is silly and therefore they reject it. Anyway. It is up to the developers what they make of it. But it is a misconception to be able to push the game if the great majority rejects this strafejumping. Then no events will help. Furthermore, I am skeptical that the developer will take the necessary steps and remove the Starfejumping. Apparently they feel a rejection of Strafejumping is currently a personal critique. Posts like this have a deep look. https://www.reddit.com/r/Battalion1944/comments/7x92at/bulkhead_on_communication_question_for_the/I would wish the guys some relaxation and we want a game without Strafejumping. Until then, my friends and I prefer to play cod.
  2. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    If the developers would take the punitive jumping out then the whole thing would look much better. i think the developers may find it difficult to remove the penalty jumping because they implemented it from the very beginning and even created a training ground for it. it does not matter to everyone to play a backward role
  3. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    I'm full of you. The game I emphasize too little of cod4. So you can also equal the original from.think it is a wish to be able to establish the game in the esport scene. For that you need a bigger fan base.It is very close to the number of players will continue to decrease.bulkhead gets its reputation ruined by promoting a cod1-2 like game before and now delivers a cod4 like game
  4. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    the disappointed players are the loudest ones I see differently. most disappointed people just turn around and leave. most are not even registered in a Forum. It may be true that the original expectations were initially exceeded.the more you should take the development seriously. if many had interest in the game and then quickly remove it speaks a clear language. the most frequently mentioned problems are the jump shooting and the hardcore similar Rating. darüber gibt es eigentlich nichts zu diskutieren. es sei denn man ist taub und ignoriert die ganzen stimmen. the argument with ea is mist. how should the community believe in the game if one consciously implements the denounced things into the game from the beginning? For my part, I see in your post no suggestion. I, however, have named him very clearly. - This jump shoot must be removed in this form. as well as the hardcore similar mode This is my opinion and also what I can read everywhere.
  5. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    If you're happy then that's good for you. But it should not have escaped you that you are absolutely in the minority. The player number development underlines this. I think you can also read for yourself that the biggest part oft the community rejects this.
  6. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    I think it's nice if you think you can reverse the development in a year. Players forgive crashes and bugs in the early access phase. That is not the problem.However, people do not understand why these Jump Shoots have been deliberately built and therefore doubt the future development of this game.Until at some point there could be many server configuration options, the COD1-2 & MoH community with Bulkhead is through.The fact that one has searched in advance for the proximity to COD1-2 destroy the developers any confidence.Personally, I am very disappointed because the feel is not old school. The assessment in German forums and in my friend lists but is much more violent.In my opinion, they can only save the title and their reputation if you remove these jump-shoots and do not aim for a hardcore similar mode. This was already the recipe for success.
  7. Don Camillo

    OTT Jumping

    I understand... you're the sly . Yes very really
  8. Don Camillo

    OTT Jumping

    I think one should not pretend that this game is made for pro professional players. For this it is too easy and does not require a great ability to make a kill. For me, this bounce is nothing but a form of bug. In the video is very good to see why. The jumping player can shoot before you even see it. The mass rejects this bunny1944. Only a very small part like it. Presumably because they enjoy an advantage over players playing normally.
  9. Don Camillo

    OTT Jumping

    In the video, he expresses it correctly. The game does not allow for skill due to the Hardcore-like Mode and the Jump Shoots. That is why it will not be with the e-sports dream...
  10. Don Camillo

    Game's Dead guys..

    It shows very clearly that more people have had interest but it's just like it's not fun. The COD2 fan base which was very interested is definitely very disappointed
  11. Don Camillo

    OTT Jumping

    Thats the Point. I can not tell to Players in my Friends list the game will be better on some Servers. I wonder why the developers do not take shot before bug on the very biggest part of the community seriously.
  12. Since the developers of this Bunnyhopping/strafing apparently deliberately built in and want to keep, I have now felt compelled to put myself in the series of steam negative Reviews.I cannot recommend a game with such a hopping. I predict that the Sowiso already few players when the next shooter comes very soon will be even less. Pity about the game
  13. Don Camillo

    OTT Jumping

    I generally have nothing against jump shoots. At the moment it is unacceptable. Yesterday I was on a server since a SQAUD has perfected this hopping. 95% of all their kills were made by jumping. Not just around the corner but above all Forward.It is so that the jump has no constant speed and thus is difficult to track. In self-tests it feels as if the second jump is supported again with spring Springs The hopping is currently like bug using or cheating.
  14. Don Camillo

    Active players decreased by 50%

    I'm afraid that if you don't change Battalion1944 in the direction of COD2 that it will take off very quickly and until it is finished no big player base will have any more. Battalion1944 is too close to modern games from the feeling of playing.
  15. Don Camillo

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    After a few days of testing, I have a first opinion. The game as expected was a good approach and some things I liked individually considered quite. Even if it is only early access and many improvements could come, I have a doubt about the game. Why? Because you do not say where the journey should go and b) the start with regard to the feeling of COD2 has not much to do. I belong to one of the many players that was raised and mobilised by the advertised proximity to COD2. That is why I am disappointed like most with the same expectation overall. Even in my environment you share this opinion and it also affects me as if this disappointment reigns with most COD2 fans. It is pointless now to argue about what the developers had or still have to do. Much more you should try to describe the situation. Overall, this game plays in much the same way as COD4 Promod. Only the weapon choice is the same as for COD2. I don't even want to say that Battalion1944 has become bad. It enttäsucht people who had expected something COD2 close. So let's just say it's not good or bad but different. It is the question you would like... In spite of my disappointment, it makes me very happy for the moment. Unfortunately, it does not bind me as I had hoped. It is much too similar to modern shooters in the game feeling. It is relatively fast, it plays itself like in a hardcore mode and it therefore also relatively light/casual. If someone says that you can play another current game of the established games developers then there are some comprehensible arguments for me. I'm afraid that if you don't change Battalion1944 in the direction of COD2 that it will take off very quickly and until it is finished no big player base will have any more. One is too close to modern games from the feeling of playing. As I said, in detail not everything is bad but for COD2 fans I lack convincing arguments which could grow and inspire the community. All the people I'm talking to about this point to the modern feel of the game and that's why it's not different from the big titles. By the way, I do not want to insult anyone, but to bring criticism into development. My personal hope for this title is no longer particularly great but still not quite dead