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    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    ahhh memories, our clan spent nights .... no weeks, trying out new nades on CoD4 lol Going on about penetration, "ooooooher misses" cannot remember what game it was I played but it had different strengths of penetration depending on what you were shooting at, for me if im taking cover behind a wall I want that wall to take a bullet for me but if im behind a crate of wood then obviously the bullet would penetrate but with a different hit ratio as the bullet would have been slowed ... if you can shoot through anything whats the point of having anything in the way on maps?
  2. BroosedBanana

    Matchmaking Ping Max.

    yup as mentioned private servers will allow for max ping allocation and as said 70 is a little low. In CoD4/ProMod we used to set 150 as a max so it should be doable via server config.
  3. BroosedBanana

    CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    really looking forward to this ....