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  1. Slix


    Intervention but at that time I often played in split screen and went for the P90 akimbo swag ;')
  2. RNGesus, please...
  3. Don't forget that there's a beta before early access
  4. Slix

    Beta coming soon

    Judging by the text from the post it seems that not everyone is going to have access. I guess only backers and some lucky people who like & share the post get access to the beta. I don't mean the Steam release though.
  5. Slix

    Beta coming soon

    Please let me be lucky for once!
  6. Slix


    Thanks for the warm welcome! <3
  7. Slix


    17 year old German player. Born too late to experience the great competitive games. Also doesn't help that I got introduced to the wrong games. I've been playing videogames since I was 3, hopped between PC and console and mainly sticked to games like Call of Duty (started with MW2) on console, sometimes CS:S on PC, until 2012. I realized the newer CoD games are garbage and switched over to CS:GO in 2013. Spent 3500+ hours on it and get mentally more and more competitive. Now I want to be rewarded for playing correctly and punished for making mistakes. I got tired of CS:GO because of the randomness and the developers taking too long to address smaller balancing issues. The last game I had high hopes for was PUBG back in the alpha and beta but I got greatly disappointed. Battalion 1944 is the last competitive game I have high hopes for. I just wish I was born earlier to experience the more skill based games like Quake, UT, and CoD 2/4 Promod. At least I could try them out this and last year to see how good they really were. I heard about the game when my mate (who I only know for 1 to 1.5 years) told me about it. He was a dedicated Cod2 and CoD4 player. He too got tired of the recent games. I really hope this game won't disappoint us. So yeah, I'll get the game on release and probably stick to it if it's as skill based as it seems.