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  1. Hellow guys, 10 years ago CMS like webspell, ilch, dzcp and others were still common everwhere, but wich CMS is used today for clans/teams? I would like to make a little page to test it but it is difficult for me to find a suitable one. Wich one can you recommend? greeting, the german potato, nuz
  2. Cardsystem

    ok thats nice
  3. Thanks guys but just keep up the forum rules and wirte in english so i add you guys
  4. Cardsystem

    Hellow guys, i find the cardsystem pretty good so far, but there is one point that bothers me a lot. Of course it my be that i have not understood it 100% but lets say we play against a team that is very strong and wins several round in a row. Our team can only play the default class now. Our only possibility to get other weapons is to collect enemy cards. Do i collect a card and then die, is this counted to our pool or only if i survive the round? I would welcome a mechanic that allows us, for example, to get automatically every 3 rounds without a win a card of every weapon to have one more chance against the better weapons of the opponents. And i mention here again that it my be that i have not completely understood the system so please dont flame and be a nice community member of this great game greetings, the german potato, nuz
  5. Display issue (green flickering)

    same problem, borderless works but then my mouse got feeling like vsync is on can play but cant really aim^^
  6. When i can play?

    Ok. thank you
  7. When i can play?

    Ok sound great but theres no training mod, i have to updates but nothing available
  8. When i can play?

    Hellow my new Community i got a key now for the beta and wanna know when i can start to play, today or saturday?
  9. Since the forum has changed a bit, I'll create a new post. We would like to increase our team and are looking for 2-3 active and talented players. Details can be discussed in steam or teamspeak, as long as you meet the requirements below. requirements 18+ (preferably 25-30) German / Austria experience in esl / cb / cg / lan cod2 / cod4 experience would be nice motivated as I said, we will discuss everything else or see you in the game tonight :)
  10. Battalion 1944 IRC Channel?

    nice thanks guys
  11. Battalion 1944 IRC Channel?

    i dont know, still use irc for cod2
  12. Good Morning Guys, will there be a own IRC Channel for Battalion 1944? Like the good old times, quick and easy matchfinder
  13. Is there a Mapoverview?

    perfect! thank you