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  1. Hello, our team looking for a few nice and decent players to complete our lineup. each of us is working or has family, so regular and active play with our current lineup is not possible. if enough players were found, then we start with training, strats and the other things. CONDITIONS 25+ german/austria mature behavior team spirit patiently motivated stable internet much experience (esl/cb/cg/cups/lan) skill and game understanding We offer you a team which exists since 2005 (start with cod2), a mature and funny troupe. Teamspeak, Gameserver and Website are also available. Further details can be discussed in teamspeak or steam. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197984331295/ Website: http://teamevo.de/home/contactus
  2. nuz

    Which maps do you want?

    Lets talk about some map ideas Which maps do you want from the modders, or which ones do you want to make yourself? i personally try a freseh version of toujane. not in the desert setting, rather adapted to the setting of the normandy oder something like that.