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  1. Modderx1

    Beta coming soon

    Ye please invite me then, I dont use Facebook or Twitter
  2. Modderx1

    Modding requirements

    Sounds very good boys, maybe we can work together in a couple of months if we all still share our interests then
  3. Modderx1

    Modding requirements

    Never played UO, only CoD 2 zombie But anyway I need to learn more C++ before I even try to script a mod. Atm I only have low basic skills.
  4. Modderx1

    Modding requirements

    Something like a zombie mod is my idea
  5. Modderx1

    Modding requirements

    Hi, Now I am very interested in modding (gamemode and server utilities) for Battalion 1944 to bring back my old CoD FPS feelings. So I want to prepare myself for this and I took a look what I need for that. I have some questions about that. So if I understand this right in Battalion 1944 everything is based on the Unreal Engine (I mean also Server scripts)? I need to know C++ to write my own mods in UE? With the informations from UE Wiki https://wiki.unrealengine.com/ and my UE setup I could potentially start right now without having the game itself? Later I can host my own Battalion Server with my compiled mod? Thank you for your answer.