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  1. shdW

    Game's Dead guys..

    Im not so happy but still hope that devs will fix some things.
  2. shdW

    Game's Dead guys..

    i just hope that brammertron have some ace in the pocket to back players to play this game again. Game is started 1.2.2018 its EA now is 13.2 people complaing about no lot of player and on twich is not so popular. ITS EA THERE IS A LOT OF JOB TO DO AND TO FIX ALL THIS PROBLEMS ! Its on Unreal Engine so wish devs all the best!
  3. shdW

    Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    lot of people compare Cod and battalio but its still beta after EA some bugs and fps drops will be fixed ? I dont think that in this game will be a fps advantage like in call of duty 2 /4 becose its not call of duty and not same engine.
  4. shdW

    Hey devs!? Console commands?

    This is not same engine so probably when EA come you will get some tweak for more fps !
  5. shdW

    Suggestions after playing a few hours

    In COD:UO Bar have more power damage then in battalion and recoil is ok so they do good job. Did you play with bar in cod2 ?
  6. Turn off antivirus or install game booster. Its still beta so game is still in testing.Check your drivers update ?
  7. shdW

    Complications with the game

    Its still beta wait for EA mybe will be better. Some people report fps drop but mybe in some new updates will be fine.
  8. shdW

    Remove the entire matchmaking!!

    This game should be better than the Call of duty 2 and I think it should not be compared , for steam players its much more better to have matchmaking system.
  9. shdW

    more rifles ?

    Call of duty 2 old players haha xfire & mirc & clanbase and top 10 clans eu ohhh its easy to getting rekt
  10. It's important to have an idea and a vision for game like this long-term view.
  11. shdW

    more rifles ?

    I mean why not? This game will be much better than the Call of Duty 2 and any Call of duty. Balance is important but why not put something new and better got owned by old good kar98 ?
  12. shdW

    more rifles ?

    passive aggressive no ! i didnt know that you play 41h
  13. shdW

    more rifles ?

    balance? you need to play more battalion you will see what im talking about
  14. shdW

    more rifles ?

    The game is still great now, but I think it would be great to have a good rifle against a good old kar 98 !
  15. shdW

    more rifles ?

    Hello guy ! I would like to know if more rifles will be put into a game ? in Call of duty 2 this rifle is missing on American side - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1903_Springfield In game battlefield 1 looking amazing ! In Call of duty 2 they put rifle in mode but still its not so good like on battlefield 1 you can check it on server if you wona try cod2 cracked https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ In battalion 1944 I think it would be great to have this kind of rifle on the American side.