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  1. Gametracker Banner Bug

    Use this for now when adding your port add 3 so my port is 7797 so i input 7800 and you should be good to go. https://feuersturm.info/bat1944/
  2. Need a server provider with ftp access

    yeah manually updated last night server shows in list.
  3. Need a server provider with ftp access

    I am not sure but now i cant see it in the browser but i can connect via console
  4. Need a server provider with ftp access

    @KunninLynguistno issues that I have noticed or have been informed about. shits running tight. only crashing i have been getting is unreal crashing. [SoS] Bolts & Scopes no pistols, no smoke & 1 nade
  5. Hello all

    rgr that. Thx!
  6. Hello all

    unfortunately 46 now, that was then lol
  7. Need a server provider with ftp access

    I cancelled,my service with Multiplay! I ordered a server from gameservers at 11:49 am set today then had the server setup rifles only with no issues in under 3 min. Multiplays poor support, no ftp access ,and there all around BS answers did not fly with me, it is like they think we know nothing about servers lmao!
  8. Need a server provider with ftp access

    did you change files? did you try and go into your history and restoring when the game was first installed and then restart server?
  9. Need a server provider with ftp access

    i preordered, but i believe it is start of actual service not pay date at least i hope so
  10. Need a server provider with ftp access

    they are going to have a MASS EXODUS soon, the refund period is only 5 days, Monday is day 5, i will be canceling tonight at some point if it is not sorted out
  11. Need a server provider with ftp access

    I am sure you have seen us we have been gaming together since the late 90's played all the COD's in TWL GWL ect |SoS| Special Operations Squad http://steamcommunity.com/groups/specopsquad
  12. Need a server provider with ftp access

    i paid 3 months ---->I'M A DUMBASS<----- did not know about the lack of ftp when ordering, but I'm not waiting 3 months, we are a rifles only clan, and i will have to leave them if this does not get sorted quickly
  13. Need a server provider with ftp access

    I can tell you now, multiplay has the deck1 files in the incorrect spot so if you rent from them and want to say make a rifles only server like us it will not be possible, they are no help at the moment. I have been submitting tickets for 2 days now about access so i can fix myself, give me ftp and in 30 seconds my damn server would be Rifles only!
  14. We currently have a server with Multiplay, the problem is Multiplay does not give ftp access, when changing our deck1 files and defaultgame.ini to our rifles only config it does not work, multiplay has the files in the wrong spot and the server does not see them. many tickets with no help from them at all. so i need a company that will actually support there customer and offers ftp access. 3 month payment to multiplay down the drain! if we cant have the server the way we want.
  15. ok so we tested a rifle only config on a clanmates computer all worked fine, we make the exact changes to our multiplay server andf we have no weapons and it does not work can anyone send a working copy of edited Json files to make rifles only? also what exactly are we suppose to change in the DefaultGame.ini I think i know what the problem is, multiplay has there files deck 1 files in the wrong spot, so i cannot get my server to see my rifles only changes, might have to cancel service and pick a provider with ftp access, if they would just give me ftp i could have this fixed in 30 seconds! Changed server providers Rifle only server runs perfect