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  1. briskyo

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    I can’t believe some people in this thread would like to see grenade cooking implemented. What an absolute fucking joke, that shit is broken and would instantly destroy a competitive scene in this game. Good thing the devs have brains and would never even consider adding it.
  2. briskyo

    "Clan vs Clan"

    I believe creating teams in game is already confirmed in an interview with Brammer. I remember him saying something about having a team rank as well as an individual rank, with the ability to be in up to 3 teams at the same time. Not sure about modes other than 5v5, but I'm sure it would be easy for them to implement.
  3. briskyo

    Grenade Physics

    Interesting question - in Cod2/4 the smokes would "stick" to where they landed, in other words they did not have much bounce to them, while nades would bounce for a few steps before coming to a complete stop. I haven't even noticed what the physics of the nades are like in Battalion but I'll definitely be looking for the dirtiest set nades I can find once dedicated servers are available.
  4. briskyo

    COD4 to BATT44 sensitivity conversion

    Amazing - thanks.
  5. briskyo

    massive ping spikes

    same. I feel like some of the servers aren't actually central