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  1. Yeah I think that's the one. I know Brothers were involved in a TR league of some sort. Not sure if it was TRL or TCL (Old scrim reports say TCL).
  2. Hopefully from the 1st of February we can edit the server config to edit some of the config from a TR point of view. E.g slow down sprint speed, increase fall damage, remove hit markers and kill feed. Then when modding support comes out we get the right mod. We do need to have a combined effort, that effort is helping each other out. Playing and populating each others servers, helping new players on said server's. We need to all help each other out and revive the TR community back to its glory days. When 82ndAB had a 50 man server constantly busy, we had scrims every weekend. We even had TR league at one point. I'd love to see things like this happen again, but it will take time and effort from all the clans and players involved. You can pre-order a server right now from Multiplay. The max slot you can pre-order at the moment is a 24 slot. Chris has already pre-ordered us 2 servers. 1 in London and 1 in New York. Not sure what you can do on your own private dedi boxes, if 24 is the current max slot or higher not too sure. They did say in Q3 they we're adding support for larger maps so i'm confident that will happen.