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  1. Thumbs up!!! Hope this is getting implemented!
  2. G_DiGG3r*

    CoD 1 Community Revival

    Hey folks, my name is Eddy aka. G_DiGG3r. Besides Wolfenstein ET, Americas Army, and many CoD titles, I've been playing Call of Duty 1.1 for many years. Unfortunately the community almost died. There are still a very few which contribute in the last leftover of the cod1 community. But my real wish is, that this game brings some old community members together again. Before I stopped playing CoD1 a year ago, I've been hosting several servers for various clans. So I am wondering, are there any CoD1 players, which left the game? I would love to see some sort of revival for that community... Let's bring some CoD1 skill to Battalion 1944