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  1. Movement seems a little clunky?

    must say there is something not quite there yet with the movement but im adapting slowly to it.
  2. Suicide spot

    there was a couple of spots i can think of in promod. Like the well on district so why not?
  3. Wont Launch

    because its not currently live. Im not certain when it is next though.
  4. Grassroots competitive Lan?

    This probably only applies to the UK but GAME. have their Lan party rooms now, why not have a nationwide grassroots tournament? Teams compete at locals stores in the first round and then winners from each region progress to a Lan tournament at a bigger venue?
  5. Competitive game

    I'd love to see nationwide grass roots tourneaments in the UK GAME have "party" rooms available. perhaps the devs could organise something of a national tournament or league with open signups and an entry fee per player/team ( that covers the costs for GAME) and then some nice loot from sponsors or something? Really miss the grassroots feel of lans now that there is no real goal for normal folks to play. Feels like B44 could be the ideal chance to re-ignite that scene and find some hidden talents.
  6. Hello!

    Beta backer that was lurking here for a long time but as i had no tangible input with no game experience i figure if you have nothing to say dont say owt. So with the alpha this weekend allowing beta backers (thanks you beautiful devs you <3) I figured i'd sign up here and be poised to toss my coin in to the hat. Not sure if anyone will remember me but i used to play cod2 at a few lans around the UK and have been back on Cod2 recently under my old name ^^00Caffers Also inb4 people call me racist its my surname. Caffers.
  7. Lets talk Taunts

    I've seen french schoolgirls shoot better! this may be wrong but is that Ich sehe franzosiche schulerin Madchen shiessen besser!
  8. Hello!

    Both, my surname is Caffers and people anglicise it to the same sound but spelled differently. replacing the c with a K and the e with an I its south african in origin (the slur) yet my name is irish. Thanks for the warm welcomes too.
  9. Battle Cry

    v 2 2 anyone?