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  1. Lets talk Taunts

    I've seen french schoolgirls shoot better! this may be wrong but is that Ich sehe franzosiche schulerin Madchen shiessen besser!
  2. Hello!

    Both, my surname is Caffers and people anglicise it to the same sound but spelled differently. replacing the c with a K and the e with an I its south african in origin (the slur) yet my name is irish. Thanks for the warm welcomes too.
  3. Battle Cry

    v 2 2 anyone?
  4. Hello!

    Beta backer that was lurking here for a long time but as i had no tangible input with no game experience i figure if you have nothing to say dont say owt. So with the alpha this weekend allowing beta backers (thanks you beautiful devs you <3) I figured i'd sign up here and be poised to toss my coin in to the hat. Not sure if anyone will remember me but i used to play cod2 at a few lans around the UK and have been back on Cod2 recently under my old name ^^00Caffers Also inb4 people call me racist its my surname. Caffers.