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  1. @j6k4 I don't find it hard to use I find it lacking especially in consistency. I don't have any issue dealing with smg with other classes except default. You can't really look at MP40 recoil and say yeah that is fine.Random recoil that you can't control can't ever be a good thing.
  2. @Zane As I mentioned, yes it not only recoil but with mp40 recoil is cancer. You shouldn't be shooting smg at max range that is insane. It would be like trying to shoot defense spawn from car on crash. But get into helicopter area and you can reach almost anything. I don't see single issue with damage model especially when you consider other factors like map/movement/hitreg/netcode. It don't know on top of my head but I now wonder what was rate of fire on Aku. Because it was way higher that would explain a lot as well.
  3. Reason for SMG performance doesn't seem to be damage fall off it is recoil that uncontrollable. If you were to draw comparison to promod that is where biggest difference is. Promod smg doesn't pull to one side so hard then switch to the other then goes back to center. You can control its recoil fully. That is what allows you to put 5-6 hits in at medium range and get frag. To top it of you don't have trusty deagle at your side. Another difference is that Assault rifle in promod is 3 shot to kill at any range and has very controllable recoil, it is vertical then going to the side in last few bullets. It doesn't ave head shot kill ability but it didn't need it anyway. I would personally love to have AR like this as default class because it is awesome all rounder Also I think arms/legs absorb more damage then in promod. I know this because I have loads of issue with smg/bar inconsistency at even 5m. My 2 shot to kill becomes 3 shot to kill. I would imagine that at medium range that makes it even more useless then it should be, but this is just a theory maybe someone can do a test. At max range it probably levels to 8 damage per shot at any part of the body and that is perfectly fine just like 2 shot to kill is fine no need to lower it. In promod if arm is overlapping chest it counts as torso hit only when there is no torso behind it counts as lower arm shot. I know that it should work exactly like that in battalion but that code was messing with headshot thing so it might not be working properly but again can't confirm. hip fire is way more accurate in promod and gave you confidence to use it even on AR. So in general everything was more comfortable to use . Movement wise i really like it but there needs loads of work to polish it you get stuck on random things, adjust maps/sprint so it flows etc, but they are on right track. Right now my biggest issue is wonky net code that really brakes experience. You miss shots that should hit and you hit stuff you missed. People pop out of nowhere. Sound is buggy as well so you get lied a lot.Animations and sounds(like jumping,walking) feel choppy and ruin flow. So all these things really bring game down but on the bright side all of that can be fixed all we need is devs to acknowledge these issues and tell us that they are working it and my spirit would go up. @Grasshopper It is for visibility because dark uniforms and I think we can't increase brightness right now.
  4. Thor04

    OTT Jumping

    Well it doesn't play anything like right now and promod was just as fast if not faster. So what is the issue here then ?
  5. @Twitch.tv/aussiexthunder Pekaers advantage mostly comes from surprise factor and prefire. So if defender is holding wider angle and obstacle for peaker is right in his face then that advantage is essentially lost. On top of that in game like battalion most of the times peaker has to look for target then aim. In game like CS you would probably pre fire some spots and that advantage is noticeable. But if we look at pings of of players in battalion it is clear that peakers advantage can't be this high. Going by explanation in that video and how it works in CS. If both players have 60 ping then defender is going to suffer around 100ms disadvantage that is nothing. What we see in game is way bigger. I was lead to believe that there is no lag compensation in game because I clearly can hit people that are not even on my screen. Nor I'm sure about how interpolation works in this game. I'm very confused when it comes to this that Is why I hope deves will have something to say about it. Unlike CS we are not given tools to test these things out.
  6. I don't think peakers advantage is an issue here, watch 2 videos I linked in lag compassation thread. I feels like either servers are lagging or there is interpolation issue. Just now I saw guy get killed while guy that shot him didn't even appear on his screen and there was one one angle that dude could come from. I mean I play way faster shooters then this game but I have huge trouble here. That is why people think jumping is ruining the experience when in reality problem is bigger then that.
  7. I'm now convinced that you are trying to farm downvotes
  8. CTF should be very competitive mod and I would play shit out of it if we had maps and weapons balanced for the mode. by weapon balance I mean card system needs to be removed and replaced with something that fits CTF. CTF should be like in lets say Unreal where teams have bases and spawn there. Spawning all over the map is just TDM with a twist not a ctf.
  9. Thor04

    Weapon balance

    Well I'm 99% sure that there is going to be limit on sniper and I think I head devs want to implement that.
  10. Thor04

    Weapon balance

    This so so much needed and It would slow down drain on cards. Sniper is OP and it should be like that but only one per team so you can't have two of those holding on both sites for example. Yeah I would like to get Enfield it is prefect counterpart t kar.
  11. So going by this, interpolation seems to be out of whack and that is why motions are not smooth as they should be. Or maybe there is some server lag/lost packet etc It is impossible to tell what is really going on unless you know exactly how these systems work. I really doubt it because of engine because never experienced this in UT. @WeAsOne There is nothing in patch notes about it and we didn't even see them even comment on this.
  12. Well to be honest I really don't know what is going on. Does anyone ? Game is not even that fast we had corner jumping and all that jazz in promod it was never an issue and game felt smooth. When you died you knew exactly where was your mistake. Right now i really struggle to have fun.
  13. Thor04

    Weapons in Lootbox?

    It will be like CSGO only skins
  14. Thor04

    Weapons in Lootbox?

    What you mean weapons in loot boxes ?