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    LFT GER Scope

    Used to play with this guy on Battalion.. Very good scope player. Knows what he is doing. Pick this guy up if your looking for a decent scope player! (he's also good with default lol)
  2. antoinew

    CoD WaW Players

    Only seen this thread right now, played it and loved it.. but the community couldn't chose between promod and commod.. so it died pretty quickly after that
  3. Cant remember the name really, long time ago, game died after 2 months of promod/comppod.. but players were; me, bryan, snonk(or stronk) and some belgium guy
  4. Hi guys, Because my friends don't like the game that much as i do, i'm looking for a (skilled) team. Some information about me: I'm 26 years old. Living in the Netherlands. Speaking dutch and english. Played loads of cod2 and cod4. (also was nr.1 Clanbase CoD World At War, but almost nobody played the game ) Played Battalion since alpha 0.5 ( i believe) I think i''m a skilled player. I prefer to play rifle and heavy classes. I'm available monday-friday after 7 GMT+1 and weekends when i'm awake till i go to bed (sometimes i'm unavailable if i need to go away with my GF or have other commitments) What am i looking for: -People the same skill like me and wants to improve -Dutch speaking team would be my first option (Non-ragers/whiners, so don't be that dutch guy lol) -English speaking team -Team that want's to compete in tournaments(like blitzkrieg battle) and ladders(when they are alive) -Team that does proper tactics -Guys that are mature and non-ragers and calling everyone a hacker Lannable? Depends on the costs of the travel and my work schedule Contact me via steam please; http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981611519/
  5. antoinew

    False bans

    I do have the same http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981611519/ 30 jan - Geactiveerd als onderdeel van: Battalion 1944 for Beta Testing Activated as part of Battalion test zone... Maybe it will help them fix it|? Do you guys also have the test zone still installed?
  6. Succes met zoeken! Misschien een idee om aan te geven welke skill jullie ongeveer zijn en welke jullie zoeken?
  7. antoinew

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    I remember you on the alpha discord ye you nailed the way i also feel about the game.. I also think allot of people feel this way. Some friends of me stopped playing or are going to stop in the near future because of some of these points.. i really do like the game, but changing this would really make me love the game Also maybe increase bomb timer to 55-60 seconds, to make clutches/retakes possible