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  1. Rate the beta (1-10)

    7/10 Really like the game, but really missed Liberation Also the high ping bug was getting me mad. Hope they fix this by EA. Like someone mentioned on the forums; his gf got 30 ping and he got 130 ping, sitting next to each other, that just doesn't make sense. Also jumping and unaimed/quickscoping at the same time felt really weird when used against you, but that is probably a skill gap thing Maybe unscoping after shooting would be a good thing to have. I'm think the stg 1 shot HS would be okay to have, the gun is great at mid range, but long range doesn't make sense atm. It doesn't award your aim at this moment.
  2. Odd latency on EU servers

    we as group got this aswell. And all on different times. My mate lives like 2km away from me, got 35 ping. i got 130 ping. The next game, he got 130 ping and i got 42. Some others from our group also got this.
  3. Competitive map picker

    Same here, i would like to play every map i think.. but playing the same map each time without getting anothrr map would not be fun
  4. Competitive map picker

    I do hope so:)
  5. Interview Joe Brammer! What are your questions?

    Are you guys going to give cheaters a hardware bann? How long does it take to make a map for you guys?
  6. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    It's not luck at all:) it requires a quick reaction and skill for it
  7. Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    It is about skill, try it man it's sometimes harder thEn you think
  8. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    13, because i've got 1 interested friend who didn't buy it in time
  9. Learning curve & skill gap discussion

    I guess you don't have alpha acces? The MG's were useless(compared to SMG's) before they changed the recoil patern. The game is going the right direction! Have faith in the developers!
  10. Project update #56

    So does this mean there is no testing tonight?
  11. Medic

    No pls
  12. When will we get the key for Steam?

    My friend had the same, he didn't receive an e-mail to. just message @[CM] BigTuna and he will help you out!
  13. When will we get the key for Steam?

    What is your full status of humble bundle? does it say your a beta backer or?