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  1. Totally agreed with ya there , i've played it before and honestly it did help a lot. Good idea
  2. ghcts

    OTT Jumping

    Why tf do these discussion excist..
  3. @Fuzy i'll tell you this , you're incredible mate , nice job love to see these styles
  4. ghcts

    Colored Names / Tags

    I think they already said there won't be color name tags , correct me if i'm wrong..
  5. ghcts

    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    No since 1 february it's hitting early access stay tuned though?!
  6. Hello there soldier! Yes you ! Are you Flamish or Dutch? Are you expierenced in COD2/4 or CSGO? Older then +16? That's great! because we're looking for players who are most likely to play for fun/competitive! We're also are making our own website. We ourself are a friendly community who play together and would like to keep it that way! Are you ready to have some fun on the First Of Febuary? Let's roll! Our Discord : https://discord.gg/PcTnPb
  7. ghcts

    Can be balance in this game style?

    I think it's because they are 1 shot that's why they call it "op"
  8. ghcts

    Battalion Wallpaper

    @mez nice work my man ;D @mez hope you'll make phone wallpapers? haha
  9. Let's make it the year of battalion!?!
  10. hmmm weird , hopefully they'll fix it for you ;D
  11. ghcts

    Why no grease gun ?

    who knows
  12. ghcts

    Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    i think it's a reward when you get such kill though.