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  1. Why no grease gun ?

    who knows
  2. Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    i think it's a reward when you get such kill though.
  3. So, this is me

    welcome hope you like your stay @Acidote
  4. @Nooget hope you like your stay have a nice stay ;D
  5. What is your opinion?

    they've made it when you're example a heavy class the speed will be constant so no swapping for pistols and such .
  6. Keep in mind though it's all about preference
  7. Suh Dudes.

    yup dude , welcome to the forums! Hope you like your stay ;D
  8. Jump + zoom

    I myself would let it how it is now as in cod2. Or you'll find yourself sometimes stuck because you jumped that 1 time and you couldn't shoot
  9. Jump + zoom

    pls don't this , could effect smg players a lot , like if you'll strafe jump a corner , it'll be harder to track him cuz the zoom.. Sorry I' thought you were talking about something else , yes ofcourse lol
  10. I'm in the alpha so pls understand it's based of cod2/4 and no i'm not showing that i have a key.. ffs why is this even a discussion lol.
  11. Last words i may on this discussion godsake.. if you miss , you die
  12. Far as i know it's all about outplaying the enemies , and positioning How is that cheating?
  13. Watch your language pls.. And like are you that childish? You've got some strong fantasy boy . I've only played that game for an hour or so and it's not my type of game.. so why bothering replying this comment saying it's not noscoping , while scoped close range is a bit of prediction and called "skill".
  14. Lol, as i said is this really needed though? Did you ever see someone crying about that in cod2/4? You didn't even play alpha , so how can you know about the noscope accuracy?