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  1. My thoughts of the beta

    I guess this game possesses the feel of the NoMOD really hard right now... with the side swinging when sprinting.. and a lot more other simillar stuff I wont elaborate about. this game requires a serious "smoothing" ...
  2. My thoughts of the beta

    The nades seemed too "locked" when thrown... CoD4 and even 2's nade were a lot easier to freelance/control..
  3. My thoughts of the beta

    A big minus on the grenade cook my friend.. Aiming down the sights, TOO SLOW. +1000000
  4. Resolution?

    Is everybody here on 1920?
  5. Movement seems a little clunky?

    dont know why I cant edit my comment (the 2nd time) What I said about the input lag after key press is not something constant, it happens once in every few minutes.. but its still...a big problem obviously.
  6. From those who signed up for the beta with their email (not backers/influencers) .. did u get anything yet? I signed up 5 hours after the sign up was created and still didn't get anything
  7. Movement seems a little clunky?

    AIMING DOWN THE SIGHT IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO SLOW Changing stances bugs like hell strafing while aiming sometimes bugs too. I had a pretty decent movement in the CoD scene (with or without sprint) and here I find myself pretty limited when it comes to moving around the map Couldnt agree more about the sprint period being too short, Jumping seems inaccurate and every key being pressed (MOUSE OR KEYBOARD) is followed by a great amount of latency.. like built-in input lag... The netcoding not too good aswell.. The connection between you and the enemy and how your shots/actions/movements are being perceived by the server and sent back...just dont feel sharp and quick enough.. I dont know how one can describe this better without actually feeling it.. EDIT : Just thought about the fact that even SWITCHING YOUR WEAP to reload quicker or just switching fast to ur side arm sometimes doesnt work properly and u get stuck bcuz of the buggy switch and killed afterwards.
  8. 4:3 resolution w/ blackbars

    They dont have the aspect settings programmed like that... its basically fullscreen (NO BARS) all the time unrelated to the resolution u choose, Ive played with the settings quite a bit to find that out... no matter if u set aspect ratio OR full screen Scaling @ the NVIDIA driver.. why do u need blackbars in battalion anyways?
  9. Resolution?

    Dunno everything below it seems awfully pixelated (@100 quality resolution [default] or 200 )
  10. Movement seems a little clunky?

    Movement seems almost identical to CoD4 NOMOD with higher latency/input lag..
  11. sensitivity calculator?

    No details of converted sens yet, check out csgo from cod4 and batt from cod4 and ull see u have no specific sens if converting to batt, need to wait a bit more for them to add the engine
  12. Open Beta Saturday ?

  13. how much fps do u guys get ingame? possible to reach 250? or more pubg-like? with poor optimization at the moment?
  14. Frames per second INGAME?

    Just make it 250 like previous CoD games whats the big deal
  15. Frames per second INGAME?

    Oh my freaking god only 200???? Guess I can wipe my *** with my XL2540 screen now....
  16. quake engine cap is the best u can get, 125/250/333 .. 250 for the 240hz users among us will be amazing.. and clearly for 144hz aswell
  17. I got into quite a few betas in my gaming history and ... I always got my key 3 days before the beta launch.. I figured its like an unwritten law x)
  18. How many promod players do we actually have here that are waiting for batt's release ?
  19. When is the next beta?

    what is the dark mode?
  20. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    NADES WERE FINE, just dodge/ move properly to avoid it with a bit of right timing.. at the end of the day players MANAGED to play and win rounds on both sides and personally I think this map is the 2nd best in this game.. 1st being Backlot & 3rd being Strike..
  21. When is the next beta?

    are 2 months really A LOT ?
  22. When is the next beta?

    Again, no pun intended mr? yeah and ofc for his twitch viewers the exposure is good indeed no arguing there
  23. When is the next beta?

    It is the most redundant irrelevant vid that's somehow is related to batt1944..lel..waste of 31s Sticking what Brammer wrote about the fact that next update/news about battalion will be in January 2018.. so it will save those who read and are familiar with this info the trouble of explaining it to newcomers...
  24. When is the next beta?

    CAN ANY OF THE CURRENT CMs STICKY THIS? BOTH ON GENERAL DIS & QUESTIONS SUBs ? There will be a lot more people here asking this question in the next 4-6 weeks or more (Till' we actually get any NEW INFO) so do us all a lil' favor please..
  25. Ideas Batallion :)

    I didn't quite understand what you were saying about 3d and depth, but on your screen you're indeed concentrating on 2D . My dominant eye (the eye that my view is centered through) is my left one, and the screen should be clear of any obstacles and interfering object (such as of course the weap model in our case) to properly react and feed from the info that your screen is giving you. thats all Im saying.