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  1. horas

    lag Compensation & Smoke Grenades

    You're absolutely right about what majority of players call "peeker's advantage" . Netcoding is lame atm, too many shots not registering when encountering enemies..
  2. thats not such an accurate statement.. there's similarities between the gameplay here and how CoD4 ProMod was played, BUT the shitty TTK and accurate OP smgs with FULL DAMAGE unrelated to range, lightweight scope without a sway (IN A WW GAME which is ridiculous) assult rifles without ANY recoil , ez as hell semi-auto rifles ; etc, ARENT INCLUDED.. because this is just too ez, I sometimes feel that the only skill-requiring weap is the kar98.. and even with that one, the drag/jumpshots are 90% of the times pretty absurd..
  3. That is exactly what people need to understand, I too have played COUNTLESS hours of CoD2 , competed in cups, clanbase (obviously) and some other platforms that were available at the time, Same goes for CoD4.. until like 2015~ , (not to mention my time playing Q3/QL) .. I wont say the game is "broken" like the initial response of many oldschool players, that feel they may have been deceived and lured into thinking this game is one thing and got something else entirely upon its release (or EA, doesnt really matter because the core is what it is). I strongly believe that the changes the devs prepare us for in the forseeable future arent going to affect & change the core gameplay (maybe to a negligible extent).They wont remove sprint / they wont change the maps (changes like REMOVING an entire path of entrance to a site and major things like that). But what they can do to increase the skillgap (And these things DONT really require much) : - Change the mechanics and behavior of the weapons (recoil,maybe add a pattern or just increase it by simply raising it on the Y axis) also the connection of movement+shooting (jumping included) needs some serious work. You talked making FPS great again, back to the roots - of CLASSIC FPS[?] it means you should make the game HARD to master. Not CS hard .. but certainly not easier than CoD4 (and I noticed it since my 2nd unranked match) . That said I do know the shape of the servers and how the feel, netcoding, chunky movement (where players that have over 50-60 ping as myself, get stuck while jumping on or over objects , or just mid air with the animation being pulled back and forward a few inches.. something thats hard to describe but easy to see or notice). But yeah.. raising the skillgap (and PROLONG the game's life accordingly should be the main focus right after those small things I mentioned..
  4. simply read my mind.. inb4 comments of "this is not a cod1/2/4 reincarnation"
  5. horas

    Why is the Game so dark?

    +99999999999999999 and the brightness slider is greyed out also.....
  6. horas

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    thats just the selling gimmick they want to feed you, Watch logitech engineers explaining how optical sensors work m8, anything over 800 dpi is interpolating, Multiplying the dots per inch to get the desired dpi ... but accuracy reduces due to it
  7. yeah u mean empty pinged servers that are listed in the browser.. which I cannot choose the map on even.. I feel thats my only solution rn.. I hope someone comes and sheds light on this in my favor..
  8. in every CoD game there's an option to open a listen server (a private server) with a map of your choosing and to play in it by urself (or bots with am4 mod etc) and that way with certain cmds you could learn nades smokes spots everything, simply by moving around the map, exploring angles peeks and what not.. Is there ANYWAY I could do so in battalion without paying money to rent a server ???
  9. horas

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    +1.. Im used to 400 @ 1 in CoD4... by mousepad distance measurements its identical (or 99% close) to 400 and 2 in Battalion. Or is it too low? Majority plays on 2.5/3 400
  10. horas


    well maybe its the same one
  11. horas


    and what do u call that? 6th sense?
  12. horas


    look, Ive had enough of it in CoD2/4/CSGO (those who play it regularly know what happened after Newyear's sales and what the MM has become) .. and believe me Ive been waiting for this game since early 2017 to release, grinded beta, and intend to play a lot from now on (as they finally kinda stabilized the servers) .. but man, its not one or two or three rounds... its just ridiculous
  13. horas


    ummm... except Ive got over a decade of experience in FPS games, and I know how to recognize fucking walling and norec (IN A WW2 GAME..) and someone whos 1v5'ing EVERY round, unrelated to enemy positioning, or them NOT making a single sound, OR even.. his confidence well... at first I thought ok he's good, but then after 3-4 rounds.. well I dont need to explain how obvious cheating looks like in fucking 2018.. and to both of u whose comments are so blatantly lame, he was on MY team.. so ..
  14. horas


    Ive already seen one, after only playing 3-4 unranked games IN TOTAL since EA release.. huge shame...