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  1. When is the next beta?

    what is the dark mode?
  2. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    NADES WERE FINE, just dodge/ move properly to avoid it with a bit of right timing.. at the end of the day players MANAGED to play and win rounds on both sides and personally I think this map is the 2nd best in this game.. 1st being Backlot & 3rd being Strike..
  3. When is the next beta?

    are 2 months really A LOT ?
  4. When is the next beta?

    Again, no pun intended mr? yeah and ofc for his twitch viewers the exposure is good indeed no arguing there
  5. When is the next beta?

    It is the most redundant irrelevant vid that's somehow is related to batt1944..lel..waste of 31s Sticking what Brammer wrote about the fact that next update/news about battalion will be in January 2018.. so it will save those who read and are familiar with this info the trouble of explaining it to newcomers...
  6. When is the next beta?

    CAN ANY OF THE CURRENT CMs STICKY THIS? BOTH ON GENERAL DIS & QUESTIONS SUBs ? There will be a lot more people here asking this question in the next 4-6 weeks or more (Till' we actually get any NEW INFO) so do us all a lil' favor please..
  7. Ideas Batallion :)

    I didn't quite understand what you were saying about 3d and depth, but on your screen you're indeed concentrating on 2D . My dominant eye (the eye that my view is centered through) is my left one, and the screen should be clear of any obstacles and interfering object (such as of course the weap model in our case) to properly react and feed from the info that your screen is giving you. thats all Im saying.
  8. Ideas Batallion :)

    yeah dont mention it man, I for instance am a leftie , with a left dominant eye.. so classic gun positioning via right hand is best for me..
  9. Ideas Batallion :)

    its not about whether you're right OR left handed, cl_righthand is about YOUR DOMINANT EYE - Look it up. The gun should always be on the opposite side of your dominant eye, Because, that way , your dominant eye has the space it needs to scan as much info as you actually need to play properly, to see whats going on in your FoV. There are tests to see which of your eyes is your dominant. like the finger triangle, google it:) hope I helped.
  10. Beta Release

    they wont touch anything out of the cosmetics field in terms of post-release transactions either way because they said they want a purely skill-based game so.. come to think of it.. I dont mind either..
  11. Beta Release

    not the direction of where I was going tho.
  12. Beta Release

    Jackis, what is there to agree on? HAVE U FORGOTTEN ABOUT LANs ? LAN support should bring the money , to orgs, sponsors, and devs. look at CS:GO, for example, count the number of offline events every year since 2013 .
  13. Beta Release

    larger including kiddies with rich daddies to get dem those skins u mean ? I prefer quality over quantity ..
  14. Beta Release

    I for instance am more willing to pay the 50~ dollars (up to 60 is actually OK) IF they dont go in the microtransactions direction.. I dont care for skins .. and Im sure a lot of oldschool ww2 fps gamers are just like me, we never thought about what color and emblem our mp40 or kar98 should get... we just played the game, trained to get good, (cod1/2/4 ; sof ; moh ; etc etc)
  15. Hi folks, after grinding the CoD scene for almost 15 years, and now playing CS for like 7-8 months (with off and on again periods) I have a very important request (if its still NOT in the game). in CoD1/2/4 there is "Auto" aspect ratio mode which means the game scales any under native (doesnt matter if its 4:3 / 5:4 / 16:10) resolution u pick to a 16:9 fullscreen (and any smearing or loss of detail is on the picker of course) . in CS however, if u go with a 4:3 reso (lets say 1024x768) , u can either pick to play STRETCHED or true 4:3 (with 1:1 mouse movement on x & y axis) with BLACK BARS on the side, I personally , no matter how hard I tried, couldnt get used to the stretched scaling because aiming feels super weird and both me and anything that's in my fov moves FASTER , to players who played like that for years it may seem ok and normal but for me it is absolutely unplayable and it forces me to play on blackbars to get that 1:1 & normal movement feeling. I dont know how many players in csgo have issues regarding this subject but for me it was a huge disappointment. I sincerely hope your video settings are CoD based and not Source engine based (or anything close to that) I want to be able to scale my 1024x768 resolution (which I play on every multiplayer competitive game since I started using my 1st PC) to a normal 16:9 fullscreen without having to stretch it. and if its already included, forgive me for the long read tl;dr : Include "Auto" aspect ratio in Battalion instead of forcing players to stretch or putting Blackbars on their 4:3 resolutions! (again, if not already included)