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  1. shev441

    The Twitter game

    I feel the same. I know they developers need to make hype and get causal players to interest in game but just wasted 2 hours of life on refreshing twitter every few second and got left with nothing- cause keys were gone in 1 sec. Maybe shareing more among this forum or discord would be better idea.
  2. shev441

    Marketing Ideas

    +in terms of marketing I guess it would be cool to make videos featuring : 1) explaining to cs / current cod players what battalion is - card system, cod's movement, cs's gamemode, oldschool, moding , esport, ww2 etc. 2)video in which CoD2/CoD4 '"legends" like mazarini, qLimAxzU, phantasy ofc and few more talks why battalion is awesome and is succesor to these good old PC Call of duty. In there might be some shots of their best actions during lans and footage of battalion's gameplay. 3) I ain't sure if you know Polish youtube well so here are some most popular polish streamers/players. Their youtube channels have between 0,4 to over 1,5 milion subscribers. They often post videos from Cs GO and CoD so I guess they should like Battalion. Might be good idea to send them a key to promote a game. If only 1/2 of them will make few episodes about battalion - 70% of polish players will find out about game. https://www.facebook.com/izaktv/ https://www.facebook.com/RockAlone2k/ https://www.facebook.com/ROJOV13/ https://www.facebook.com/SkyenOfficial/ https://www.facebook.com/MrVertez/ https://www.facebook.com/Mervopl/
  3. I know this game only from short movies posted by crew and interviews, unfortunetly havent played it myself yet, but am I the only one who thinks that game's graphic is various depending which map we are playing? Mannorhouse and new CTF map looks really polished, high quality like other AAA titles available on PS4 or Xbox One. On the other hand we have map like coastal - it looks clunky, empty, flat and blurry like early ps3/x360 games. Some shots from other maps located in town also looks average. Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of these people who can be found in comments under video who say "omg graphic look like in ps1, why you make a game - we already have cod ww2". As a former Cod2/COd4 I have been expecting this game since about May 2017 when 1st gameplay from TDM got publicated. I wasn't really active here before due to lack of public information for several months and the fact that I haven't backed game on kickstarter so it was hard to review a gameplay. But I have at least informed few of my friends about a game and provided them with links so I guess i can say that I care about this projekt. Whether we like it or not we need to accept that for majority of people visuals are most important and it might decide - at least among more casual players - if game will succed or not. + I know that devs are able to improve it. +few questions: Will there be possibility to play all game modes on all maps like in CoD games or on maps will there be only one available gamemode (the one that they were created for? ) Are you planning to add M3 Grease gun for American side? I know it was a bit underdog in Cod2 but I liked to play with it. Would be nice to see this weapon in Battalion44 too. In terms of gameplay it seems very good. Probably will post my opinions after finally playing the game during beta tests (hope will get a key) or - worst case scenario - Early Access. And for now going back to practice before realese in CoD4
  4. shev441

    Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    222 I used to play a lot in varrious cod4's clans back in the day. Unfortunetly, the game died so I had to play other games. They were cool but not even close to fun represented in promod's golden era. After watching 0.1 alpha's raw gameplay from may 2017 I realised that these days might come back. Sadly it was already to late to pledge money on kickstarter so I had to wait till premiere, maybe after midnight it will change ... ?