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    Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Hi All, Just wanted to make my first post to say Hi. I came across this game after playing Cod 2/4 and not touching one till I just got Cod WW2. Needless to say i was disapointed in the play style. I was coming some forums and saw a link to this game a few days back and all i have been doing is reading watching videos and interviews. Quite looking forward to seeing this come out. Will there be servers in Australia? Thanks all
  2. Slawdawgz

    Team swapping

    I am sure the auto balancing / change teams will be available on EA Feb 1. Not a big deal. But I Agree. I also had a 5 v 1 (on Arcade)and the only way around it was to quite and rejoin. Its beta though. You got to expect these things and discuss so they can fix. Its not meant to be smooth so we can just play and have fun yet.
  3. Slawdawgz

    Minimap is over detailed

    I also agree with both points
  4. Slawdawgz


    Welcome wiZZ
  5. Good question. Any links to info on this? I Am from Australia and would like to know the same thing?
  6. Clan Tags and Symbols for uniforms, that will be f**king awesome
  7. Slawdawgz

    Damn nostalgia

    Welcome to the Forums Whee, 01/02/18 isn't to long to wait until EA. I am sure it will be sick.
  8. Slawdawgz

    Can't we Pre order before release?

    Cool. that's not to bad at all
  9. Plus it’s really not the right thing to do.
  10. Slawdawgz

    Can't we Pre order before release?

    This may have been asked. But any idea of the game file size?
  11. Yeah and I thought my work inbox with 200 or so emails a day was bad
  12. Meh. February 1st isn’t that far away. I was late finding this game, so I am stocked that the EA, was as soon as it was. I recall reading some posts about Q1. Feb 1 is awesome imo. Can’t wait. 🇦🇺
  13. Slawdawgz

    Update the news page

    I'm in Australia and its 9.23am on the 8th of January
  14. Slawdawgz

    Update the news page

    FYI, there are those of us that font use Twitter and/or Facebook, so the website is where we gather information. I imagine if the website had large enough traffic, that these pages may be updated more frequently. Anyway Looking forward to Tomorrow and hopefully that will make the news page
  15. Slawdawgz

    Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    Really who won? 334 if ghcts is joking because I’m sick of playing WOW.
  16. Slawdawgz

    Which maps do you want?

    I also liked Caen (train station) and Burgundy, and Matmata (Without dust)
  17. Slawdawgz

    Hi, I'm new

    Welcome to the Forums. Hopefully the wait wont be to much longer before we can all play.
  18. Slawdawgz

    Beta coming soon

    me either. :((
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    Welcome Duncan, Couldn't agree more
  20. Slawdawgz

    Lets talk about skins

    If i am completely honest, if the game is good enough, i could care less if the have skins or not. If they do, I would not buy them for money, and i would not specifically grind kills or head shots or whatever, it would just happens when it happens. Skins dont interest me that much.
  21. Slawdawgz

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Couldn't agree more. It will be awesome when we get some better footage to show some more people what an awesome game this is likely to be
  22. Slawdawgz

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    Nades in Cod4 were thrown at the Start of rounds to try and block rushing and getting to better pick spots first, IMO. If they happen to kill its a bonus. I would hope they are less used for that in Batt44
  23. Slawdawgz

    CoDWW2 is the best $60 spent

    Yeah its funny. I played the SP and then i have gotten to like level 6 and haven't played it since i found this game was on the way. I tried to reinstall my Cod 2, but Disc 1 was scratched so couldn't reinstall. But I agree i will also be deleting Cod WW2 soon as it just sits there wasting spacae on my SSD
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    I am one of those who were late to the game and i couldn't agree more. i just hope that there are plenty of Aussies for EA, so we have a few to play again on local servers. Welcome Lyxen